Today’s Sitting Tennant (from Toby): Attack of the Gratske

Attack of the Gratske

Today’s Sitting Tennant, is a little bit wibbly wobbly, but given it’s from an interactive web game, that’s not Toby’s fault. Yes, it’s David Tennant sitting down on an actual chair in Attack of the Gratske. No fudging the definitions here.

The current form card puts Rosby in the lead with five entries, Persephone at four. Poly with three and a half, Toby on three entries and Scott on two entries.

After the massive splurge of creativity that the last Sitting Tennant produced, the witty and amusing captions league table is looking very different. Toby is now top with six captions to his name, Marie is now second-equal with Persephone with five captions each, Rullsenberg and Electric Dragon both have three captions to their names and Poly and Stu_N are on one each.

Will this one inspire as much as the previous one did? Let’s wait and see.

Got a picture of David Tennant sitting, lying down or in some indeterminate state in between? Then leave a link to it below and if it’s judged suitable, it will appear in the “Sitting Tennant” gallery in due course.