Third-episode verdict: Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement Carusometer5-Full-Caruso

I hated the pilot episode of Rules of Engagement. I absolutely hated it. It was the most derivative, insulting load of cobblers I’d seen in a long while.

Seems others agreed with me. Here’s the original cast (men only, because let’s face it, women don’t count according to the show).

Original cast of Rules of Engagment

Here’s the current cast:

Current cast of Rules of Engagement

Ooh, women. Plus, two out of the three main characters have been recast. There was only one good thing about the pilot – Patrick Warburton – and he’s still there. But we’ve lost the kid from Joey and gained David Spade. Oh dear.

I refused point-blank to watch the new version of the first episode, so the second episode was the first I bothered with.

“Hmm, it seems to have improved,” I noted to myself, mentally pencilling in some sort of “don’t judge a series by its pilot” message to blog about. It didn’t suck completely. Sure, there was plenty of latent misogyny (Oh no! His girlfriend knows something about sex and has had loads and loads of boyfriends! That means he’s inadequate and threatened, and she’s an *insert anti-female insult of your choice here*), but the older couple, despite their supposed jadedness were kind of nice together, David Spade wasn’t in it much, and Patrick Warburton was still great.

But this week’s episode. Oh dear. All the promise of the pilot was back again. Just awful. Hateful. I would stick a burning David Spade goatee on CBS’s front lawn if I could (Note to self: sounds good, not sure what it means, and it has potential to be offensive. Should I keep it? Probably not.)

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Review: Big Day

Big Day

In the US: Tuesdays, 9/8c, ABC

In the UK: ITV2 at some point

Weddings can be tricky things, can’t they? I don’t know how yours went – or if yours went at all – but mine had a few not-so-smooth moments, even though we chose to outsource the entire process to Las Vegas to make things easier.

Now some bright spark has come up with the idea of 24 meets a comedy wedding. Yes, an entire season of shows that follow a wedding day in real-time. Feel the tension, the adrenaline, the nerves, all without having to go through the process yourself.

Wouldn’t it be good if it was funny as well?

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Review: Scrubs 6×01


In the US: Thursdays, NBC, 9/8c

In the UK: In the usual places

Characters re-cast: 0

Major characters gotten rid of: 0

Major new characters: Maybe 1

Format change percentage: 10%

Number of babies due: 3

Here we are again. Six seasons of Scrubs. It’s comedy, but in a hospital. As per usual, it’s kind of hard to review a long-running comedy, since ultimately the only thing that’s important is whether you laugh or not. Scrubs still raises a reasonable number of laughs, but there’s a slightly bitter taste to the whole thing thanks to a “Braffisation” of the show.

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Review: Medium 3.1


In the US: NBC, 10/9c, Wednesdays

In the UK: Probably SciFi and maybe BBC1, since they’ve shown earlier seasons. No definite confirmation yet, though.

Characters re-cast: 0

Major characters gotten rid of: 0

Major new characters: 0

Format change percentage: 5% (Allison’s haircut)

Number of dream sequences: I lost count. Sorry.

So Medium‘s back. I was looking forward to this, since when it’s good, it can be fun and well written. With the opening episode scripted by series creator Glen Gordon and Javier Grillo-Marxuach (ex-writer for both Lost and The Pretender), it should have been good. But I think they got carried away with the two minutes of animation…

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Review: 3 Lbs 1×1 (US: CBS)

3 Lbs

In the US: CBS, Tuesdays, 10pm ET/PT. Also available on Innertube.
In the UK: Airing on BBC1 towards the end of 2007, with possible pick ups on UK Gold

When a project’s been sitting around for two years and has already had the main character recast after a failed pilot, you suspect things are wrong with it. But when it’s rushed forward to replace a failed drama – in this case, Smith – there comes the suggestion that maybe it’s not going to be too bad.

3 Lbs is a combination of various other hospital dramas, in particular House and MDs, but it does have a few sprinklings of originality. Starring Murder One’s Stanley Tucci, Good Morning Miami‘s Mark Feuerstein and Torchwood‘s Indira Varma, it focuses on that much neglected organ: the brain.

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