Marvel's Jessica Jones - Krysten Ritter and David Tennant

Superstore, Will acquired; Big Little Lies renewed; Love Child, The Wrong Girl, House Husbands cancelled + more

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  • Trailer for season 2 of Netflix’s Jessica Jones
  • Trailer for the series finale of Netflix’s Sense8
  • Netflix green lights: series adaptation of Isidora Chacon’s Yo, Bruja as Siempre Bruja

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New US TV show casting

Snow joke

I love snow. Germany is great for snow. But snow is not great for aeroplanes.

All of which mean as lovely as it is to be in Germany right now, I’m supposed to be back in the UK and now I’m not coming home until tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.

Assuming all goes well, normal service will resume on Tuesday. Entschuldigung und Wiedersehen!

Will and Grace

When’s that show you mentioned starting, TMINE? Including Chaussée d’Amour, Will & Grace and Altered Carbon

Every Friday, ‘When’s that show you mentioned starting, TMINE?’ lets you know when the latest global TV shows will air in the UK

A slowish week in acquisitions, with Foxtel (Australia)’s forthcoming remake of Picnic at Hanging Rock with Natalie Dormer the only one that didn’t come with an attached premiere date. Otherwise, here’s the rundown:

Chaussée d'amour
Chausée d’amour

Chaussée d’Amour (Belgium: Prime/VIER; UK: Virgin)
Premiere date: Available now

An original commission produced by the Liberty Global owned Telenet in Belgium, and directed by noir veterans Frank Devos and Pieter Van Hees, Chaussée d’Amour brings gripping drama to the living room in a raw and addictive depiction of life on this infamous brothel-lined street. The moody character-driven story unfolds through the eyes of Sylvia Carlier, a distinguished woman fleeing a crumbling marriage. She is forced by financial necessity to take on the running of a brothel inherited after the untimely death of her father. Following the discovery of human remains on the Chaussée d’Amour, the plot evolves through Sylvia’s fight to support her two children and build a new life in the midst of a twisting murder investigation.

Will and Grace

Will & Grace (US: NBC; UK: Channel 5)
Premiere date: Friday, 5 January 2018, 10pm

Surprisingly good return after 10 years to the pioneering comedy classic. Smart, pointed, not afraid of pointing out that everyone’s much older and times have changed, it’s also a lot nicer than the barbed original.

Episode reviews: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon (Netflix)
Premiere date: Friday, February 2

Based on the classic cyberpunk noir novel by Richard K Morgan, Altered Carbon is an intriguing story of murder, love, sex, and betrayal, set more than 300 years in the future. Society has been transformed by new technology: consciousness can be digitised; human bodies are interchangeable; death is no longer permanent. Takeshi Kovacs is the lone surviving soldier in a group of elite interstellar warriors who were defeated in an uprising against the new world order. His mind was imprisoned, “on ice”, for centuries until Laurens Bancroft, an impossibly wealthy, long-lived man, offers Kovacs the chance to live again. In exchange, Kovacs has to solve a murder… that of Bancroft himself.

Stars Joel Kinnaman (RoboCop, The Killing (US)) and Dichen Lachman’s in there, too.

Chaussée d'amour

Dark Heart renewed; Chaussée d’Amour acquired; Krypton teaser; + more

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New US TV show casting

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot
Weekly Wonder Woman

Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League #34, DC Holiday Special, New Talent Showcase + more

Yes, it’s Weekly Wonder Woman – keeping you up to date on pretty much anything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine, including why she’s been hanging around with Batman so much

Weekly Wonder Woman took a break last week for a few reasons:

  1. I had too much work on
  2. There were no new comics (give or take)
  3. There wasn’t much news

I think that’s fair enough, don’t you?

This week, though, it’s the reverse. So much news. So many new comics.

Movie news

This week marks four years of Gal Gadot being Wonder Woman in the movie universe. Doesn’t time fly, hey? I think she’s been a success, too, given that Wonder Woman was the most Tweeted about movie of the year; both Gadot and director Patty Jenkins have won NBR Spotlight Awards; Warner Bros has crossed the US$5 billion mark at the box office for only the second time, thanks largely to Wonder Woman; and Patty Jenkins was on the shortlist for Time’s 2017 Person of the Year – to name but a few highlights of the past fortnight.

That was Wonder Woman, though. Justice League ain’t faring so well, although it has just become the 10th movie to cross the $200 million threshold at the US box office this year and earned $370 million outside the US (thanks China!). So it’s made its money back but it’s not up there with Wonder Woman‘s $821 million tally.

Who’s to blame for the movie earning only a few hundred million more dollars than it took to make? The Wrap has a list of its problems behind the scenes, as does Den of Geek, which lays most of the issues at the door of Henry Cavill’s CGI-ed moustache.

People are also curious as to what was in the original script, before Joss Whedon took over and Warner Bros decided to limit the run-time to two hours. Superman’s black costume was in there at one point, as was Darkseid, and Diana originally cut off Steppenwolf’s head (it takes a god to kill a god, remember?). People also want to know what happened in previous attempts at a Justice League movie, with one close effort from 2011 apparently revealing that Wonder Woman and Batman had had a child at some point.

Still, it nearly being 2018 n’all, thoughts are already turning towards Wonder Woman 2. What’s that going to be about? Well, love’s going to feature strongly, according to some sources; however, Patty Jenkins is telling people to dial back their expectations.

Comics news

Liam Sharp’s been showing off some of his artwork from the forthcoming The Brave and the Bold: Wonder Woman and Batman, as has Tripwire magazine.

Batman versus the Kelpies

The Brave and the Bold

Meanwhile, his co-artist on Greg Rucka’s recent run, Nicola Scott, has been nominated for an IGN best artist award for her work.

Talking of Batman, Diana’s set to appear in Batman for a few issues, starting with issue #38 on January 3rd. Supposedly. This is the cover Comixology still has of the issue:

Batman #38

However, that might have changed and so you might have to wait until issue #39.

Diana’s also scheduled to appear in Damage #3, judging by this bit of work by Tony Daniel:

The second volume of Wonder Woman: Earth One is now scheduled to be released in August 2018 – I’ll believe it when I see it, mind, given how often Volume 1 got rescheduled.

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