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What have you been watching? Including Crashing and Another Life

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

As I revealed on Monday, since…

  • I’m just back from my holidays
  • I haven’t yet caught up with all the regulars in the TMINE viewing queue
  • I’m still operating my “if it starts in August, I (probably) won’t review it rule”

…this week’s WHYBW will be briefer than normal and largely thrown over to you, gentle reader (which is ostensibly the point of WHYBW anyway).

So please, let everyone know what you’ve been watching of late and whether it’s any good. If you’ve never commented here before and have been reading for a while, now would be a good time to introduce yourself!

Some reviews…

However, I have tried to watch a few new shows over the past month and while most of them are boxsets that I’ll be reviewing at some point in the next few weeks in their own entries, I thought I’d throw out a few words on both Netflix’s Another Life and Channel 4’s Crashing after the jump.

Just a note that although I’ve also just finishing watching the first episode of Amazon’s The Boys and I’ve not properly warmed to yet, I’ve just realised that the Superman-esque main superhero is played by Banshee‘s Antony Starr. Plus as Karl Urban’s cod-English accent is highly entertaining, I’m going to hold off reviewing that until I’ve a few more episodes under my belt, at least.

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My Life Is Murder
International TV

A few mini-reviews before I go: My Life is Murder; Pandora; The Unsettling; and Pearson

As I pointed out during this week’s WHYBW, I’ve put in a pretty poor effort in the reviews stakes over the past week. I atoned for my lack of movie reviews, but although I took in Departure during WHYBW, that’s still not good enough is it?

So here’s not one, not two, not three, but four mini-reviews to leave you with before I go away on holiday:

  • My Life is Murder (Australia: Ten; UK: Alibi)
    Lucy Lawless is a former top cop whose ex-colleagues refuse to let her talents go to waste so keep roping her into investigations
  • Pandora (US: The CW)
    A young woman is orphaned by evil aliens, so she signs up to join the fight against them. Except maybe all is not what it seems
  • The Unsettling (US: Awesomeness TV)
    A teenage girl arrives at her new remote foster home. Soon, strange things start to happen around her.
  • Pearson (US: USA)
    Suits spin-off that follows Gina Torres to Chicago where she becomes a political operative.

What do they all have in common? Well, they all involve “speaking the plot out loud”.

All that after the jump…

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International TV

What have you been watching? Including Departure

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week


This week’s reviews

I think it’s summer fever. That’s the only explanation for why I’ve done nothing over the past week. To be fair, neither have most TV networks.

Anyway, that’s meant no reviews of anything. But that doesn’t mean I’ve not watched anything. Oh no.

My Life Is Murder
Lucy Lawless in Ten (Australia)’s My Life is Murder

What’s coming this week

Friday marks the end of TMINE summer time – that fabled time of the year when I go off on holiday and don’t talk about TV until mid-August and don’t really get back into the reviewing-and-news groove until September.

That means that this is the last WHYBW? for a good long while. However, before I hang up my typing fingers on Friday, I plan to review at least Pandora (US: The CW) and maybe even The Unsettling (US: HBO). My Life is Murder (Australia: Ten; UK: Alibi) started today, so I’m going to give that a whirl, too.

On top of that, although I never quite got round to doing Orange Thursday last week, I did at least put the movie-watching in, with Κυνόδοντας (Dogtooth) (2009), Atomic Blonde (2017) and the bonus of 47 Ronin (2013) being the order of the day. So that’ll be tomorrow’s Orange Thursday – the final one before TMINE’s holidays.

But after the jump, one last delight – new show Departure (Canada: Global; UK: Universal), which is all about a missing plane. They just keep disappearing these TV planes, don’t they?

Pater Familias
Darren Gilshenan in ABC (Australia)’s Harrow

The regulars

I did a little bit of pruning of the TMINE viewing queue last week, but this week will see the full application of the scalpel-like “Can I be arsed to catch up with this when I get back from my holidays?” to the dwindling viewing queue.

Harrow has just aired its season finale, mind, so will be spared the knife. But what among City on a Hill, Legion, Perpetual Grace LTD and Swamp Thing can I be arsed to catch up with when I get back in August?

Find out after the jump.

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Perpetual Grace
International TV

What have you been watching? Including Perpetual Grace LTD

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

Netflix's Stranger Things 3
Netflix’s Stranger Things 3

This week’s reviews

It was less sunny this weekend, so TMINE returned to its traditional activity of skulking in the dark, doing the ironing and watching lots of TV. As a result, Boxset Monday featured Stranger Things 3.

Meanwhile, last week’s Orange Thursday was a double-punch combo of Shaft (2019) and The Lego Movie 2 (2019).

The CW's Pandora
The CW’s Pandora

What’s coming this week

Orange Thursday is a big unknown at the moment, since I didn’t make it to the cinema to watch the latest Spider-man as planned and I haven’t yet watched any other movies. Hopefully, I’ll watch at least one by tomorrow – I suspect it’ll be Atomic Blonde.

Canadian show Departure starts tonight in Canada, so I might review that, although given it’s on Universal in the UK tonight as well, there might not be much point – after all, y’all can watch it, too.

Pandora starts in the US next Tuesday, so I might do a separate review for that, or I might just roll it into the next WHYBW, depending on my workload.

Netflix also rolled out Family Reunion today, although multi-camera comedies are a bit of a turn-off, so I’ll probably be skipping it. Plus I’m off to a wedding on Friday, so I won’t have time to watch any boxsets.

Basically, it’s all going to be surprises, all the way down, but probably not that many.

Blue Devil
DC Universe’s Swamp Thing

The regulars

As TMINE’s summer vacation gets ever closer, it’s time to start winnowing down the viewing queue. Next week, I’ll be using the tried and tested “Can I be arsed to catch up with this when I get back from my holidays?”, but this week I’ve used its close relative: “Can I be arsed to watch the next episode of this?”

As predicted, I gave up on The InBetween last week, so that was a good start that left this little list of regulars, all of which I’ll cover after the jump: City on a Hill, Harrow, Jett, Krypton, Legion, Perpetual Grace LTD, The Rook and Swamp Thing.

But no fewer than three of those are for the chop this week because they’ve failed the test – yes, I can’t even be arsed to watch the next episode.

Which ones? Obvious clue for one them: there are only 10 episodes in season 2 of Harrow, and I’ve watched nine of them already…

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Stranger Things 3
Internet TV

Boxset Monday: Stranger Things 3 (Netflix)

Available on Netflix

When does an homage stop being an homage and become its own thing? It’s an important question for something like Stranger Things – and its latest edition, appropriately called Stranger Things 3, rather than Stranger Things season 3 – which is a loving tribute to not only the films and TV shows of the 80s, but pretty much the entire decade, too.

Starting out as almost a recently discovered time capsule of a lost Stephen King TV series, albeit one with insanely high production values for the time, Stranger Things perfectly captured the innocence of 80s childhood and the weirdness and niceness of small town life. Playing with as many conventions as it also subverted, it caused genuine nostalgia for a time it had never inhabited. And although a touch scary at times, it was also genuinely beautiful, too.

If Stranger Things was Alien, Stranger Things 2 was Aliens – deliberately so, right down to adding Paul Reiser to the cast. Trouble was, while it was still very good and a slight retread of the first season, it somehow lost a lot of that innocence that had so weaved its magic on the audience. Sure, the kids were growing up, but it all felt a lot nastier and everything felt more like synthesised 80s, rather than original 80s, right down to the synthesiser music.

What then for season 3? More of the same or something different? Or worse still, Alien3?

Stranger Things

Imperfect strangers

Stranger Things 3 moves everything along slightly. It’s summer 1986 in Hawkins and there are no signs of any terrible lurking evil. Instead, it’s all about boys, girls, jobs and teenage rebellion.

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is still living with Sheriff Hopper (David Harbour), but he’s not so keen on how much time she’s spending with Mike (Finn Wolfhard). But he is keen on spending more time with Joyce (Winona Ryder).

Meanwhile, popular boy Steve (Joe Keery) is having to work in the ice cream parlour in the new Starcourt mall. He’s still a bit hung up on Nancy (Natalia Dyer), who’s now interning at the local paper, but he seems to be having plenty of inadvertent fun with brainy co-worker Robin (Maya Hawke).

Of course, not everything is at it seems and pretty soon, their lives are being turned upside down by none other than… the Russians!

Slightly spoilery review after the jump.

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