Can I advertise on The Medium Is Not Enough?
Yes, you can.

Where can I advertise? 
Lots of places

  1. In the sidebar, either only on the front page or on the whole of the site. You can choose whether to be above or below the fold
  2. In the blogroll
  3. At the top and bottom of any category archive (eg the US TV pages)
  4. On a single post, at the bottom or in the sidebar
  5. Just about anywhere else that you can think of

Can I sponsor a post?
Yes. You’ll get a link saying “Sponsored by xxx” at the bottom of the post.

Do you accept guest contributions?
No. All copy is written in-house and is editorially independent of advertising, so you can’t stipulate what’s written, write your own copy, etc.

Do you accept any advertising?
No, it has to be for reputable sites and products. So definitely no online gambling sites.

What kind of ads do you accept?
Text ads, image ads, Flash ads and blogroll links are all fine. However, none that cover the screen area.

What are your rates?
Rates depend on the ad’s placement and how long the ad will be up for.

How can I advertise
Contact me for more information.