Talking Pictures TV now has a streaming movie service, TPTV Encore

If you love old movies, particularly old British movies, then I’ve got some great news for you! TV channel Talking Pictures has just launched a free, online viewing service, TPTV Encore. All you’ve got to do to use it is register.

There is a really amazing range of movies there, some historically important, some culturally important, and some simply a bit of fun!

Obviously, His Girl Friday (1940) should be your first choice, but honestly, there’s so much good stuff on there, including some of the old Saturday morning serials, such as Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe.

There’s also a set of movies only on there for a short time or that are seasonally themed, so get in there quick before they go!

(Nicole Kidman is amazing in To Die For (1995) so watch that ASAP)

It’s browser-only unfortunately, with no app for any other device, but if that’s not a problem for you, please go and watch it! Support Talking Pictures, because they’re doing a fabulous job.


  • Natalia Romanova

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