News: Pitch, Sweet/Vicious cancelled; Hap and Leonard, Freakish renewed; + more

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New UK TV show casting


New US TV shows

New US TV show casting

  • Shazad Latif, Rekha Sharma, Clare McConnell et al join CBS All Access’s Star Trek: Discovery

News: The OA, Love, Travelers, Delicious renewed; Babylon Berlin, Taken, Genius, Crashing and High Maintenance acquired; + more

Global Internet TV

  • Amazon green lights: series of Nicola Winding Refn’s LA crime samurai drama Too Old To Die Young
  • Teaser for Netflix’s Girlboss
  • Teaser for season 3 of Netflix’s Grace & Frankie
  • Netflix renews: The OA, Love
  • acquires: Turkey’s Black Money Love, 20 Minutes, Love is in the Air and Behzat C
  • Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott join Netflix’s House of Cards

Canadian TV


New UK TV show casting


US TV show casting

New US TV shows

New US TV show casting

  • Elizabeth Reaser, Trieste Kelly Dunn and Brian D’Arcy James join Discovery’s Manhunt: The UNABOMer (aka Manifesto)
  • Robert Wisdom and Q’orianka Kilcher join TNT’s The Alienist
  • Tiffany Boone and Alex R Hibbert join Showtime’s The Chi

Question of the year: what were your favourite new shows of 2016? Here’s my Top 13!

TMINE’s about to take its traditional Christmas and New Year break. I’ll be back tomorrow but after that, normal business won’t resume until January 3rd or 4th with the Daily News et al. But a new tradition I started last year was to leave you with a specific question to keep you occupied: what were your favourite new shows of the year? As always, let everyone know your choices and the reasons below or on your own blog.

For the record, after the jump are my Top 1213 from all the countries around the world, as well as that new-fangled Internet thing, in no particular order, with the addition of one I mysteriously left off this morning. Merry Grafelnik, everyone!

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French TV

Review: Baron Noir (season 1) (France: Canal+; UK: Amazon Prime)

In France: Aired on Canal+ in February/March
In the UK: Available on Amazon Prime

There can be few channels around the world as reliable as Canal+ when it comes to producing quality TV. Chances are, provided it sticks to French, any Canal+ series you watch is going to be HBO-good.

A case in point is Baron Noir, a remarkably prescient and impressive political series that is everything that Les Hommes de L’ombre (Spin) and Marseille should have been but weren’t. Airing in France in February and March this year, but available in the UK on Amazon, the show somehow managed to anticipate both this year’s Brexit and the Corbyn/Smith Labour leadership competition and relocate them to France, taking in all of left-wing French politics along the way.

And when I say ‘all’, I mean all.

The show is about the mayor of Dunkirk, Kad Merad (Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis), an old-school socialist who’s spent years fighting (sometimes literally, with a baseball bat) for the poor, oppressed working classes. He’s best friends with fellow socialist and presidential candidate Niels Arestrup (Un prophète, De battre mon cœur s’est arrêté, Quai d’Orsay), to the extent that he’s willing to steal money from social housing projects to help fund his campaign. However, soon there are ructions between the two friends and before you know it, Merad and Arestrup – both sometimes helped, sometimes hindered by new-wave technocrat Anna Mouglalis (Romanzo Criminale, Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky) – are pulling strings and levers behind the scenes of French politics to block each other and further their own, the party’s and the country’s interests, all while trying to avoid ending up in prison through Mutually Assured Destruction.

While the opening episode of the show gives the impression that this is going to be a show about corruption – and certainly that is an element – most of the first season is about political dirty-tricks and manipulations at every level of politics: everything from how to disrupt a local council election through how to manipulate the media and use party rules to counter your enemy’s plans through manipulating the Assemblée nationale all the way up to the EU and how to play it off against your own national interests by threatening to leave it to ‘ensure your country’s sovereignty’. Advised behind the scenes by real-life French politicians, it’s a real eye-opener, not least because it actually manages to film inside the Palais Bourbon itself, but also because of the differences between French and British politics – it’s a long time since anyone had to take Troskyites and communists seriously here. Well, it used to be, anyway.

If Baron Noir has a message, it’s that there are no friends in politics yet if you do screw over your friends in the short-term, chances are that things will go badly for you in the long-term – you just have to know how to balance all the options and bring people back on side. Merad spends most of the season in a whirl of plots and counter-plots, playing one person against another, usually with their knowledge, often by giving inspiring speeches about the left and the need to look after the oppressed/fight the National Front – think Jeremy Corbyn if he had charisma and leadership skills.

Beautifully shot and acted with some cracking music, the show nevertheless isn’t without flaws. Merad is implausibly attractive to women of all ages and there’s one relationship involving him where not only the audience but the couple themselves are surprised it’s taking place at all. It also meanders a little, dropping interesting plotlines and characters, and focusing too much in later episodes on that housing project, which so dominates the first episode. For English speakers, there’s also the subtitling, which starts off fine but starts to lose it a little mid-season, such as by switching the French-Algerian’s Mercad’s reason for entering politics from helping ‘les Arabs’ to helping ‘minorities’ and frequently taming down some of the more interesting, fruitier language (it’s a real tragedy that the marvellous ‘putain ville de merde’ ends up as ‘this town sucks’, for example).

But if you want a House of Cards that’s not only European but better than Netflix’s, Baron Noir‘s your boy. Give it a whirl – there’s a second season on the way in France next year. Here’s a French-language trailer for you to get an idea of what it’s like.

What have you been watching? Including Mr Robot, Marco Polo, The Last Ship and Outcast

It’s “What have you been watching?”, my chance to tell you what movies and TV I’ve been watching recently that I haven’t already reviewed and your chance to recommend things to everyone else (and me) in case I’ve missed them.

The usual “TMINE recommends” page features links to reviews of all the shows I’ve ever recommended, and there’s also the Reviews A-Z, for when you want to check more or less anything I’ve reviewed ever. 

Today’s is going to be the last WHYBW for quite some time now, since I’m off on my traditional summer break from next week. Whether I’ll take all of August off remains to be seen, but let’s not start promising anything at this point.

Before then, I’ll be reviewing the first episode of Vice Principals (US: HBO; UK: Sky Atlantic) and I’ve got plans to have a look over a couple of French shows on Netflix and Amazon, too. I might even have a look at Netflix’s Stranger Things, which debuted on Friday.

I’ve already reviewed the first episode of Barracuda (Australia: ABC), but after the jump, I’ll be looking at the latest episodes of 19-2, The Kettering Incident, The Last Ship, Outcast and Preacher, as well the return of Mr Robot and the rest of season two of Marco Polo. Given that I’m going to be away on holiday, will I employ my usual July ruthlessness and purge from the viewing list any that I can’t be bothered to catch up with? It’s a possibility…

At this point, I’d normally tell you about the movies I watched last week. Unfortunately, despite my best intentions, we couldn’t get through either Joy or Hail, Caesar!, since they were both a bit dull. That might be the closest I ever get to reviewing them, but you never know.

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