The pick of the new US shows (November)

Another update to the list of new US shows worth watching, now we’re a month further on, have a few more results in and with a couple of new arrivals.

Community (NBC): Review (Carusometer rating: 1) [Picked up for a season]
Cougar Town
(ABC/Living – 2010): Review (Carusometer rating: 2) [Picked up for a season]
The Good Wife (CBS/More4-Channel 4 – 2010): Review (Carusometer rating: 2) [Picked up for a season]
The Middle (ABC): Review (Carusometer rating: 2) [Picked up for a season]
Modern Family (ABC/Sky 1 – October 15): Review (Carusometer rating: 2) [Picked up for a season]
Stargate Universe
(SciFi/Sky 1 – already airing): Review (Carusometer rating: 2) [Low ratings]
Trauma (NBC): Review (Carusometer rating: 2) [Cancelled]

V (ABC/SyFy): Review [Ratings dropped significantly for second episode]

Don’t watch
Accidentally on Purpose (CBS/E4 – 2010): Review [New episodes ordered]
Bored to Death (HBO): Review (Carusometer rating: 3) [Picked up for a season]
(Fox): Review
[Probably dead, but not officially cancelled]
Eastwick (ABC/SciFi – 2009/2010): Review [Cancelled]
FlashForward (ABC/Five – already airing): Review (Carusometer rating: 3) [Picked up for a season]
The Forgotten (ABC): Review [Endangered, but new episodes ordered]
Hank (ABC): Review [Cancelled]
(NBC): Review [Picked up for a season]
The Vampire Diaries (The CW/ITV2 – 2010): Review [Picked up for a season]
White Collar
(USA): Review (Carusometer rating: 3) [Endangered]


Review: V 1×1


In the US: Tuesdays (for four weeks, resuming in 2010), 8/7c , ABC
In the UK: SyFy, 2010

Way back in the 80s, aliens came among us, some time during the Los Angeles Olympics, in fact. They looked like us, they pretended to be our friends.

But they turned out to be very dangerous lizard Nazis.

Let that be a warning to you.

Anyway, the mini-series that demonstrated just how you shouldn’t trust any group that wears identical uniforms and has a youth league turned out to be the most popular US mini-series in history. It naturally spawned a full series, which wasn’t very good. To be fair, neither was the mini-series. Bloody “star child”.

Never fear though, because ABC has remade the show and is going to be blasting it at you in small chunks. It stars Elizabeth Mitchell of Lost as an FBI agent, and follows what happens as alien spaceships descend over cities around the world, only to reveal ‘the visitors’, a bunch of nice looking aliens who offer universal healthcare in exchange for water.

But it turns out that maybe those nice visitors aren’t as nice as they first seem.

Here’s the first nine minutes for your enjoyment, or if you prefer, a three-minute trailer.

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