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Search Party renewed; Walking Dead spin-off acquired; Prodigal Son extended; + more

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Internet TV

Canadian TV

  • Trailer for season 6 of History’s Vikings

European TV

Scandinavian TV

  • Søren Malling, Pilou Askæk, Pernilla August et al to star in SVT (Sweden)’s Utredningen (The Investigation)
  • Trailer for Viaplay’s Älska mig (Love Me)
  • Teaser trailer for Viaplay’s Forhøret (Face to Face)
  • Viaplay green lights: two season adaptation of Camilla Läckberg’s Lyckoviken



US TV show casting

  • John Boyd promoted to regular on CBS’s FBI
  • Ashley Reyes joins, Herizen Guardiola to recur on Starz’s American Gods
  • Asante Blackk promoted to regular on NBC’s This Is Us

New US TV shows

New US TV show casting


Review: Warrior 1×1 (US: Cinemax; UK: Sky1)

In the US: Fridays, Cinemax
In the UK: Acquired by Sky1 to star in June

Despite his short life, Bruce Lee to this date remains the world’s most famous martial artist. While he was alive, there was many an imitator and even after this death, there were many who tried to piggyback on his fame or who claimed to be “the next Bruce Lee”. Small wonder then that the producers of Cinemax’s Warrior would wish to do the same by saying their show is “based on the writings of Bruce Lee” – even though it’s basically “Period Asian Banshee from the producers of Banshee“.

All about Bruce Lee
Joe Taslim and Andrew Koji in Cinemax's Warrior
Joe Taslim and Andrew Koji in Cinemax’s Warrior


To be fair, Lee’s daughter Shannon is one of Warrior‘s producers and she did indeed have an eight-page treatment by Lee for a western TV series in which he would have starred. However, given that it was a treatment for ‘The Warrior‘, which (probably) ultimately metamorphosed into Kung Fu, I imagine there might have been a few copyright issues involved in a straight adaptation of that treatment.

So instead, Banshee‘s Jonathan Tropper fleshed Lee’s original ideas with his own characters and situations. In so doing, he’s basically recreated Banshee again, just in a different time and place.

Warrior sees 19th century martial arts prodigy Andrew Koji (The Wrong Mans, The Innocents) coming over to San Francisco from China. As in Banshee, our hero is looking for a woman from his past; as in Banshee, he’s a gifted fighter; as in Banshee, his skills mean he’s soon found by a local (Banshee‘s Hoon Lee) who helps put into a position of power; as in Banshee, that soon puts him into conflict with criminal elements in the city; as in Banshee, he doesn’t care about local rules and soon begins to shake up the status quo.

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Das Boot
Film reviews

Orange Wednesday: Split (2016) and Das Boot (1981) + Polar (2019)

Every Wednesday, TMINE reviews two movies and infringes a trademarked former mobile phone company’s marketing gimmick

Would that I had a slightly larger brain, I’d have smartly introduced last week’s inaugural edition of Orange Wednesday by saying that I’d review two movies every week on Wednesday. Yes, a 2-for-1 movie offer called Orange Wednesday! Rings a bell, doesn’t it?

But I’m not. I’m also time-poor and lazy, so the prospect of watching two movies a week seems a bit of a stretch. But I’m going to give it a go.

In fact, if you look at the title of this week’s Orange Wednesday, you’ll notice I made a brave stab at watching three movies. Unfortunately, Polar was terrible so I gave up on it after about 10 minutes – I’ll tell you all about it after the jump, but technically, it’s not a review, since I didn’t finish the movie. I do have some editorial standards, you know.

After the jump, however, I’ll be definitely be looking at two movies that I’ve watched all the way through this week: M Night Shyamalan’s 2016 Split, starring James McAvoy, and Wolfgang Petersen’s 1981 theatrical cut of Das Boot. See you in a mo…

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Anna Torv in Foxtel (Australia)'s Secret City

Secret City, Le bureau, Inside No.9 renewed; Once Upon A Time cancelled; Arnie’s Western; + more

Internet TV

Australian TV

French TV



US TV show casting

New US TV shows

  • Fox green lights: pilot of newlywed rural relocation family comedy Bless This Mess

New US TV show casting


What have you been watching? Including Knightfall, Travelers, No Activity and Mr Robot

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend anything you’ve been watching this week

So much TV, so little time, particularly if you’re stranded in Germany, queuing for three hours to arrange a new flight home and then get a stomach bug on top of a cold. Grrr.

There are also too many boxsets for me to take in: I’m still only on episode 3 of Dark, and I’ve seasons 2 of Professor T, The Crown and Babylon Berlin to hit up, as well as seasons 1 of Godless and She’s Gotta Have It; there’s more due out this week, too, including season 3 of The Tunnel and season 1 of Jean Claude Van Johnson. What should I watch, hey, pop-pickers?

Still, I did manage to watch the first episode of Happy! (US: Syfy), as well as of Knightfall (US: History; UK: History UK), which I’ll discuss after the jump.

Also after the jump, the remaining regulars: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Marvel’s Runaways, Mr Robot, No Activity and a double-helping of Travelers as Showcase in Canada tries to get the finale out before Christmas and Netflix starts airing it in the rest of the world. One of these is for the chop, best beloved, two are about to walk the plank, but which will it be?
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