Monday morning news

Doctor Who

  • Ratings for Smith and Jones were 8.2 million, peaking at 9.11 million
  • John Barrowman questioned about ‘fattie’ comments
  • David Tennant’s Doctor models himself on Jamie Oliver


  • The official solution to that Virgin 74 bands puzzle


  • First pics from Iron Man
  • Tarantino frightens cast with knowledge of their rubbish movies
  • A Dylan Thomas movie is on the way
  • The official site for Nicholas Cage’s Philip K Dick movie, Next, is up
  • Test-screening details of The Simpsons
  • Sigourney Weaver talks about Avatar
  • Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp may be in the sequel to Sin City
  • Luke Goss joins the cast of Hellboy 2
  • Two Transformers TV trailers

British TV

  • Living TV has the rights to Criminal Minds and Ghost Whisperer‘s second seasons


  • A promo for the next episode of Heroes
  • James Doohan has been fired into space
  • Sydney Pollack is directing a movie for HBO about the 2000 Florida recount
  • An interview with Dennis Haysbert about The Unit
  • The Sopranos in seven minutes