Third-episode verdict: Andy Barker, PI

The Andy Barker Carusometer3-Minor-Caruso

I have to say, Andy Barker PI has been pretty consistent. It started off weak and has continued weak. Essentially a one-joke show – accountants aren’t really that hard, white-collar criminals aren’t that much harder, either, and if you stuck them all into standard private investigators plots, it would all look a bit silly – it’s continued to exploit that joke for all it’s worth, which isn’t much. (It’s a joke that doesn’t work much for blue-collar crime either, which the similarly formatted Knights of Prosperity has already discovered.) They added in a few fat-jokes for episode two, which wasn’t particularly nice of them, either.

It has a good cast, and there’s some talent in the production team, but I think they’ve hung their collective coats on the wrong hook this time round.

So, unfortunately, The Medium is Not Enough declares Andy Barker, PI, to be a 3 or Minor Caruso on The Carusometer quality scale. A Minor Caruso corresponds to a show “in which David Caruso might guest star. He will insist on providing at least seven of his own jokes, most of them ending in the punchline ‘That’s my meat’, and will deliver them in a grating monotone for ‘authenticity’.”