Review: The Companion Chronicles 3×4 – Empathy Games

Empathy Games

What’s up here? This is getting silly. Not only has Louise Jameson already starred in three entire series of Gallifrey already, she’s been in the Tomorrow People plays, the last Sapphire and Steel play and a previous Companion Chronicles piece, The Catalyst. Now she gets another one? What did Mary Tamm, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton and Matthew Waterhous do wrong? Actually, don’t answer that.

Of course, the quick answer is that Big Finish producer Nigel Fairs seems to like Jameson, given that he’s responsible for writing and directing a sizable number of the plays I just listed. In fact, this follows on directly from The Catalyst, at least in storytelling metaphor, even if the story itself is set at a more random point. Co-starring David Warner (oh look, another Big Finish fave. Fancy that.), the play isn’t as good as The Catalyst and feels like a couple of old Blake’s 7 episodes cobbled together.

I’m not selling it to you, am I?

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Friday’s ghosts and pumpkins news

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Who should replace David Tennant?

Paterson Joseph

So David Tennant’s heading off for pastures new. Come 2010, we’re going to need a new Doctor in the TARDIS.

Current favourite for the job is Paterson Joseph, best known from Peep Show, at 3-1 odds, but David Morrisey is close behind at 5-1 (and there might be a revelation or two in the Christmas special to look forward to there), James Nesbitt is at 6-1 and John Simm (weirdly enough) is at 8-1.

Question for the day though: who would you like to be the next Doctor. It might be an outlandish suggestion that would never ever happen in real life, but this is Fantasy Doctor League so name your personal fave right now.

I’m currently being persuaded that Idris Elba (of The Wire and Ultraviolet) would be a great choice, although maybe one that wouldn’t actually come about in real life. What do you think?


Review: The Companion Chronicles 3×3 – The Doll of Death

The Doll of Death

It’s going to be interesting to see how the crop of companions from nu-Who are regarded in 30 or 40 years’ time. As much as Rose might be loved and Martha disliked now, will time swap them in future generations’ affections?

Take a look at Jo Grant, one of the third Doctor’s companions, for example. Brought in to appeal to kids in a way connoiseur’s companion Liz Shaw was unable to, Jo Grant was very popular during her stint on the show.

Now, she’s reviled as a brain-dead waste of space and a retrograde, anti-feminist step on the part of the producers, who had also wanted a companion who needed saving and had to have everything explained to her – and Liz Shaw is revered by anyone with any sense.

But Big Finish is here to save the unsaveable. It made Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford popular. Surely it can make Jo Grant interesting for one of its Companion Chronicles. Can’t it?

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Thursday’s “bye bye David Tennant” news

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