Weekly Wonder Woman: August round-up!

Etta Candy is the best

Justice League Wonder Woman poster
A new Alex Ross-inspired Wonder Woman poster for Justice League

Yes, it’s Weekly Wonder Woman – keeping you up to date on pretty much anything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine, including Twitter spats with James Cameron

And we’re back in the room, Wondy fans, following an August absence. What’s been going on while I’ve been on Paradise Island*?

Lots. In fact, so much that you’ll have to join me after the jump before I’m even prepared to begin telling you. See you in a mo…

* Just kidding – I was on Transformation Island

Movie news

For starters, Wonder Woman has become the fifth-biggest grossing superhero/superheroine movie of all time, clearing $409m in the US and topping $800m worldwide, with only The Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and The Avengers 2 still ahead of it. Not bad for a movie originally only expected to open at $85m, hey?

Naturally, that’s upset a few men, surprisingly including noted director and feminist James Cameron, who argued that our Diana wasn’t empowered and that the movie objectified her. Needless to say, a few peopleincluding director Patty Jenkins – put him right on that one and suggested that maybe the director of True Lies wasn’t the best person to judge what was feminist or not.

The success of the movie has also made Warner Bros have a little bit of a rethink. With Marvel still writing the script for its first solo superheroine movie – Captain Marvel where are you? – how about making the DC extended cinematic universe more female-friendly than Marvel’s by sticking Wonder Woman in everything? Yep, our Diana is going to be the Tony Stark of the DCEU – the connective tissue linking everything, including the Flash movie Flashpoint, which would be her sixth movie appearance in just three years. Not bad from a standing start, hey?

There’s also now a Wonder Woman exhibit at Warner Bros, which looks a tad cool.

With the movie-to-DVD window getting ever smaller, it’s not too surprising that Wonder Woman is already available in the US on digital, although that’s still pretty speedy. We’ll have to wait until September 24 to get it in the UK, mind, but you can pre-order on iTunes, Amazon Video or DVD, of course.

To boost that release, all manner of promotional material is being put out, mostly from the DVD extras.

The most notable of these are some lovely little clips featuring our very own Lucy Davies (Etta Candy) that make you wish for an Etta Candy solo movie:

There’s also a deleted scene (apparently filmed during the reshoots) that hints at further adventures for Etta and her merry men following the movie, as well as the Motherbox-shaped things to come in Justice League.

Of course, you might to prefer to buy some new Funko toys, including one of Etta and one of Diana on horseback.

Funko Diana on horsebackEtta Candy Funko toy

Meanwhile, there’s another, somewhat different movie on its way featuring Wonder Woman. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is all about the creator(s) of the Wonder Woman comic and as well as three new posters for it, there’s a clip:

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Comics news

Things have been a bit quiet in the comics world over August, since everyone sensible (eg me) goes away then. However, we have had former Wonder Woman illustrator Nicola Scott explaining how happy she is to ‘female gaze’ her male characters, including Steve Trevor. She also talks about Diana in general, as well as explains how she came to be on the title:

Then, last year, out of nowhere, I was working with a writer called Greg Rucka, and they approached him about bringing Wonder Woman back to her core for her 75th anniversary last year and the movie coming out this year. At that point, Wonder Woman had kind of strayed from who she’s intended to be, with writers either not quite understanding the character fully or who have their own specific agenda, so they came to Greg and myself to ask us to bring her back and reestablish her as the fan base sees her, and get the comics ready for when the film came out, and when there might be a whole bunch of new readers. Greg and I have discussed Wonder Woman in-depth for over a decade, and we’ve talked about doing an origin story for her abstractly, but then all of the sudden last year, it was in front of us, and we had to take all these amorphous ideas and boil them down to the amount of space and time we had to tell the story. And because I know we’re both on the same page, it came very naturally.

Hmm. I wonder who DC was talking about there…

Meanwhile, if you want to get something not only written/drawn by Wonder Woman writers and artists but signed by the very first woman to ever write for Wonder Woman, time to pony up for the Mine! kickstarter. The likes of Neil Gaiman and Jill Thompson are also contributing, but they’ve only got eight days to raise $10k, so you’ll need to get your skates on.

Comic reviews

There have been a reasonable number of appearances by our Diana in the comic book universe since the previous WWW. Seeing as I’d quite like to complete this week’s WWW before the heat death of the universe – or at least next Thursday – I’m going to be briefer than normal and just run through the main highlights of each series, rather than doing full reviews.

So brace yourselves for a quick jaunt through:

  • Trinity #12
  • Wonder Wonder #28-29
  • Justice League #26-28
  • Justice League/Power Rangers #5

But first, a quick mention of a couple of new Elseworlds:

Gotham City Garage

Gotham City Garage

Basically, DC superheroines on motorbikes fighting against Lex Luthor’s robot army. Looks absolute shite, so I’m not wasting even the 69p per digital issue this one runs to.

Wonder Woman in Gotham City Garage

Mind you, it still looks better than…

Dark Nights – Metal

This appears to be yet another Injustice-style elseworld that largely involves superheroes hitting one another, this time in the ‘metal universe’ wearing special armour that robs them of their powers.

I tried to get through issue #1. I’d like to explain the rest of the plot to you, too. However, after the fighty intro, there’s some sort of flashback to a time before all the fighty fun, involving pretty much a new superhero in every panel, and I couldn’t make head nor tail of it. It was absolutely incoherent.

Maybe if you’re hyper-versed in DC universe lore, right down to the most inconsequential superhero and ‘secret elite off-the-book team’, you can work out what’s going on. But I’m giving it a miss.

Trinity #12

Trinity #12

DC appears to have gone a bit-Trinity mad in the past few issues. We already had the classic Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Then we got their evil opposites a few issues ago – Ra’s al Ghul, Lex Luthor and Circe. Then last issue we got the evil-for-now Mini Trinity of Red Hood, Bizarro and Artemis. They turned out to have been possessed by demons from the ‘Pandora Pit’ so naturally the regular Trinity turned this issue to the previously unheard of ‘Mystic Trinity’ of John Constantine, Zatanna and Deadman to try to exorcise them.

I don’t think that works myself. Maybe Swamp Thing instead of Deadman? What do you reckon?

Anyway, the exorcism fails and everything ends up all fighty, with Trinity against the possessed evil-for-now Mini Trinity.

Trinity v mini-Trinity

Wonder Woman #28

Wonder Woman #28-29

Wonder Woman keeps Etta company in her apartment while she rehabilitates. However, super-powered baddies come chasing after Diana. Turns out a certain pharmaceuticals company still wants to study Diana to see if they can use her genes to cure diseases. And since she just wants to help people, Diana offers to help them – except they’re actually the government!

Hello scientists!

Noteworthy points

Diana semi-suggests she’s immortal – or at least very long-lived.

Diana might not die

In keeping with previous continuity, Diana still doesn’t know how to pray to the Greek gods and hasn’t known since she was a kid, which is why the ‘patrons’ never answer her in this continuity either, I suspect. I blame her mum for not teaching her properly.

There’s also a slight nod to Eric Luke’s work with Deva in one scene that also seems to establish that not only is Diana definitely not bullet-proof, but her armour might as well be a bathing suit after all, for all it’s worth

Gun to the belly

Deva shoots Diana

Justice League #26

Justice League #26-28

A new storyline started in Justice League #26 in which the Justice League’s future kids come back in time from dystopian future where the world’s up the crapper and the Justice League are all dead. Except for Aquaman who’s gone evil and one-handed and is coming back in time to kill the kids. Or something. It’s also all linked to previous Bryan Hitch Justice League Rebirth storylines, as you may have guessed from the timey-wimey ness of it all.

The big twist is that Wonder Woman’s son – that’s the one wearing her bracelets and Superman’s cape – isn’t Superman’s, as all manner of nu52 fans had hoped when the storyline was first trailed. Instead, he’s someone else’s (Steve’s?) but Wonder Woman abandoned him after he was born (because he was a boy and she’s an Amazon), so Superman adopted him.

Doesn’t sound like Diana, does it? Indeed, a big part of the storyline is wondering if these really are the kids of the Justice League (DNA and the Lasso of Truth say yes) or clones, come from an alternative universe, etc, one with a very different Diana, perhaps. Whatever the truth, it certainly gives Diana a lot of pause for reflection by issue #28, including reflecting on the outcomes of Greg Rucka’s run on Wonder Woman. Apparently, Diana’s developing a truth-sensing ability that doesn’t require the Lasso of Truth (“Usul no longer needs the Weirding Module” – God I love Dune)

Sounds a bit goddess of war-ish to me. Anyway, the kids don’t take well to that particular musing, particularly Diana’s “God, you’re so unfair, mom!” son.

Kill Wonder Woman!

Justice League/Power Rangers #5

Justice League/Power Rangers #5

The Power Rangers and the Justice League team up against the bad guys to defend the Power Rangers’ Earth, with Diana leading the fight on the surface.

Diana leads the fight

The Rangers get their morphin’ skills back eventually and even save Superman from Brainiac.

But first, Diana has to brief the UN, which is somewhat reluctant to be briefed at first…

All good fun, basically!