Fortnightly Wonder Woman: Brave and the Bold #4, Wonder Woman #47, Justice League: No Justice #2-3

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Not much news since last FWW. However, there’s now a trailer for the next DC Animated Universe movie, The Death of Superman, based on the 90s comic strip of the same name, in which Superman got clobbered by Doomsday (Ed: This is the second animated movie adaptation, on top of Batman v Superman, of that strip. Get some new ideas, DC).

Unlike the original comic, which IIRC didn’t feature any other superheroes bar Supes, this has got the rest of the Justice League in it, including our Diana (Rosario Dawson), who seems to get beaten up a lot. Hmm. Also, isn’t Superman supposed to be dating Wonder Woman as per the nu52 in the DCAU?

That’s out somewhere between July 24 and August 7 in the US, depending on whom you ask.

After the jump, let’s talk comics with the latest issues of Wonder Woman, Justice League: No Justice and The Brave and the Bold. See you in a mo!

Wonder Woman #47

Wonder Woman #44


Wonder Woman beats up Supergirl. Jason learns from the Fates where his armour came from. Then, just as the Dark Gods turn up, Diana gets plucked away by the Star Sapphires to have an adventure in outer space.

Is it any good?

Strangely, despite the 70s-throwback cover, it’s another not awful issue by James Robinson. It’s not awful for a couple of reasons:

  1. While Jason does get his own section of the narrative, it’s mostly all about Diana for a change
  2. Diana actually wins a fight using something approaching a strategy

Even though it’s not as good as their last fight and it inevitably ends with Diana trussing up Supergirl with the all-power Lasso of Truth/Golden Perfect, it’s decent enough, too.

Supergirl fights Wonder Woman Supergirl fights Wonder Woman

Supergirl fights Wonder WomanSupergirl fights Wonder Woman

I’m not sure about the ‘digging in’. Clearly, she’s not using the top of the building as leverage, so I’m assuming she’s basically flying downwards as fast as hard as Supergirl is flying upwards and the two cancel each other out? Otherwise, someone in the writing and art departments need to have a long think about the strength of stone, as well as Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

Jason and the Three Fates is also handled well, with Robinson clearly having read about ‘the Triple Goddess’, probably from Robert Graves.

Maiden, Mother and Crone

Obviously it contradicts all the previous versions of the Fates we’ve seen before but, hey, that’s Rebirth for you – we can’t necessarily single Robinson out for that. We can single him out for Basil Exposition-ing all the backstory about Jason’s armour this issue – Zeus made it for Diana, but when he went, the rest of the gods assumed he wanted it to go to a bloke, so gave it to Jason, when he actually meant to give it to Diana, and now it’s stuck. Armour that gives you the power of the Greek gods… but only one at a time? Sounds nifty. I wonder how Zeus managed to make that by himself.

Still, I’m glad Diana didn’t get it, because as we can see with the Lasso of Truth, DC seems to think Diana is ‘Artefacts Woman’ – she’s only really as good as whatever new godly gizmos she has this week, rather than because of anything intrinsic. Hopefully, they can give her some more powers instead. And get rid of Jason in an epic fight.

Otherwise, quite enjoyable and well drawn, too, even if the Dark Gods look like they’ve come out of giant Kinder Surprises.

The Dark Gods

Writing: 4/7
Artwork: 6/7

Justice League No Justice #2-3

Justice League: No Justice #2-3


Diana has to take a team of superheroes to a far off planet to dance round the Singing Ringing Tree. Or something.

Is it any good?

As with all Scott Snyder stories, it’s incomprehensible nonsense. But genuinely, Diana does have to take Team Wonder (no, really, that’s what they’re called) to go off and make a magic tree (the Tree of Wonder) work again in order to destroy the most powerful gods in all the universe. Apparently, you do that by wishing really hard.

So many trees

Wishing Wonder

Just gibberish.

Writing: 1/7
Artwork: #2 – 4/7; #3 – 2/7

Brave and the Bold #4

The Brave and the Bold #4


Diana and Batman ride around Tir Na Nog, collecting clues, while Batman and a bunch of Irish gods explain everything to Diana.

Is it any good?

On the one hand, Liam Sharp’s art is phenomenal.

Tir Na Nog

On the other hand, Liam Sharp’s writing is only adequate. I may have had a go at James Robinson for Basil Expositioning his way through this issue of Wonder Woman, but about 75% of Brave and the Bold is either the gods telling people stories or Batman explaining his cunning deductions while Diana nods, which just isn’t desperately interesting to read, no matter how pretty the pictures.

Actually, that’s not quite fair to Sharp, since he does at least know how to write jokes for Diana. I wish more people would do that.

Gotham by the sea His Batcave?

Batman should have given her more props for those, I feel. I will take issue with Sharp on one final point, too:


There is literally no way Batman could pronounce Gaelic correctly just by reading it off a ring – however you think it’s pronounced, you’re wrong, unless you’ve studied it.

Writing: 3/7
Artwork: 7/7