The final ever Sitting Tennant!

Hebbie's Sitting Tennant

Sister Chastity's Sitting Tennant

Toby's Sitting Tennant

It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for. Yes, it’s the final Sitting Tennant of 2012 and time to announce the winners of the 2012 picture competition. First, let’s tally up the points for December.

  1. Toby, Hebbie, Sister Chastity: 20

Yes, everyone wins in December! Isn’t that nice?

But since this is the December, it’s also time to tot up the points and work out who’s the overall winner of 2012. Win a full nine months of wins to her name, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that top of the picture pops for 2012 is Sister Chastity. It’s her second win and well deserved, after a couple of years of just being pipped at the post by others. A big round of applause to her, if you please!

But tis a sad day, because this marks the end after nearly five years of Sitting Tennant. There simply aren’t enough people feeling inspired enough to send in pictures of David Tennant sitting down any more, it seems. Would you believe it?

It’s been a great run and I’d like to thank everyone who’s ever contributed so much as a single photo to the competition over the years, but particularly those frequent contributors who’ve made it such a blast to run over the last few years, including Ms Rullsenberg, Toby, Sister Chastity, Erin C, Rachel, Sabine, Janice, Jaradel, Rosby, Persephone, Silohforever and Hebbie. Hey, do you remember this?

I’m not saying I’ll never publish another picture of David Tennant sitting down, but this marks the end of the competition at least. If you’ve any ideas for other competitions, or who else you’d like to see sitting down a lot, please let me know.

Those who have triumphed over the years will, of course, be remembered always:

  • 2009 – Sister Chastity
  • 2010 – Erin C
  • 2011 – Hebbie
  • 2012 – Sister Chastity

Sitting Board of Winners 2012
Hebbie, Sister Chastity

Sister Chastity

Sister Chastity

Sister Chastity, Shilohforever

Hebbie, Sister Chastity

Hebbie, Sister Chastity


Toby, Sister Chastity

Hebbie, Sister Chastity

Hebbie, Toby

Hebbie, Toby, Sister Chastity


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