Competition time: win the Complete Torchwood Collection on DVD!

The Complete Torchwood

Howdy, happy people. No sooner is the last competition over, then a new one begins, this time courtesy of those good people at the BBC Shop. Look, I’m an official reviewer:

BBC Shop Badge

They send me things that they think I’d like to review, based on the content of this ‘ere blog, and then I review them (editorially independently, of course). And then I’m free to dispose with them as I wish. And I wish to give them away to you happy people. So as we lead up to Christmas, I’ll be giving away all kinds of lovely goodies at the rate of one a week (maybe even more).

This week, I’m giving away The Complete Torchwood Collection – yes, every single episode of Torchwood from all four series on 18 DVDs, complete with all manner of extras. Normally, it’ll cost you £61.27, at the BBC Shop it’ll cost you £40.50, but if you win the competition, it’ll be free!

And yes, long-time readers, they looked at the blog and thought I’d love me some Torchwood. Seems implausible, doesn’t it?

Now, I’ve reviewed pretty much every episode already, so rather than rehash all those reviews, I’m simply going to list them all. Feel free to relive my growing frustration, dismay and sarcasm during season 1! Enjoy my slight surprise when it gets better in the second season – then experience again the frustration when it goes bad again, usually when Chris Chibnall is let loose on the scripts. Relive my bemusement at Children of Earth and surprise at how good it is… in places! And then watch as I decide enough’s enough and the first episode of Miracle Day is simply too bad to be watchable… and I’m proven right in countries around the world where Pro-Celebrity Cat Shampooing beats it in the ratings by the final episode.

Anyway, assuming my reviews and sarcasm haven’t put you off the entire series – or the series itself for that matter – the entire box set of Torchwood episodes will be sent to the UK reader who responds with the best (not insulting) answer to the following question:

Why did my reviews not put you off wanting the box set?

Don’t forget to include a valid email address when you leave your reply. You’ve until 11.59pm GMT on Friday to leave your response and I’ll let you all know who won on Monday when I’ll announce the next competition… your chance to win series six of Doctor Who DVD, so stay tuned.


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