Today’s Sitting Tennant

David Tennant

Today’s Sitting Tennant comes from Who’s T-Shirt Do You Think You Are? in which David Tennant rummage’s through Oxfam shop clothes racks and tries to find the most retro, unpleasant T-shirt that he can. Is it a chocolate coloured Charlie’s Angels? Or one of Roald Dahl’s shameless old Tales of the Unexpected merchandising tie-ins? Informed minds want to know.

Spurred on by a comment by Toby on the last entry in the gallery, I’m now opening “Sitting Tennant” up to caption-writers as well as photograph hunters. Either wow us with your ability to find pictures of David Tennant sitting down, or amuse the assembled Algonquin roundtable that is this blog’s readership* with your pithy remarks about the photo. Both would be delightful.

* Really. You are all very entertaining, you know.