Wednesday news

Doesn’t jury service ever end? Fingers crossed, very soon…

Doctor Who/Theatre


British TV

  • Life on Mars is back next month. Spoilers aplenty. I’m sure you’ll all be delighted to know that Torchwood‘s exec producer Chris “Cyberwoman” Chibnall is one of the writers again.
  • For some reason, UKTV History has chosen Alan Titchmarsh to host a show in which the public can nominate their favourite historical sites.
  • Lizzy “Most evil woman in Britain” Bardsley from Wife Swap is up in court on child cruelty charges.
  • Ricky Gervais denies calling British viewers idiots.
  • Complaints about racism in Celebrity Big Brother have almost reached the 10,000 mark [registration required]. Keith Vaz is to raise the matter in Parliament. Further coverage at Organ Grinder, including clarification of just how insulting Jade’s mum was to Shilpa. It also includes this class quote from Shilpa’s publicist: “Shilpa is God’s child. Jack is God’s child. All human beings are ultimately connected by a single abounding energy. So, how does it matter who belongs to what race, religion, country, colour or creed?” You just don’t get that from British PRs.