Review: Torchwood 1×9 – Random Shoes

Torchwood: Random Shoes

Yet another Torchwood that wasn’t that bad. Far fewer plot holes than last week, characterisation was pretty good (bar Jack’s, of course) but a bit more boring and derivative, notably of Love and Monsters.

Did y’all like it? Do you think they’ve finally ironed out the bulk of the problems and are slowly working up to a decent TV series? Or it it fatally flawed still?

  • Craig

    Despite being utterly derivative and yet again showing up half of Torchwood as being utter cretins, this wasn’t all that bad, and only really fell (and, boy, what a fall) at the final hurdle. After rattling on in previous episodes about there being nothing after death, what was with the dead bloke going upwards in a shining light? And what was with Eve Myles’s appallingly hammy performance? “No, don’t go! Please don’t go! Please! We can milk this scene for at least a couple more minutes! Why have I just forgotten how to act? Please tell me! Come back! Please!”

  • Yeah, there was a distinct touch of the rubbish about the ending. But the rest of it wasn’t bad and it was quite fun in places.

  • My problem with this episode particularly was that some swearing aside there seemed NOTHING about it that made it remotely adult (at least the ‘Suzie’ episode had some level of adult emotions and actions).