Random Acts: No. No, no, no, no, no

No. This has to be stopped now. It was bad enough when Ali was doing it.

Ali Larter with red hair

See how wrong that is? Thankfully, she saw the (yellow) light.

Ali Larter

But this random red hair infection is spreading. Scarlett may be her name, and she’s been reliably random for a couple of weeks now, getting a Hollywood Walk of Fame star, having one night stands with Justin Timberlake, and going to Motley Crue concerts. I mean Motley Crue – how random is that?

But this?

Scarlett Johansson at a Motley Crue concert

No. I don’t care if it’s for The Avengers. It’s just wrong.

Alex Breckenridge doesn’t even have that excuse. You’re on the True Blood premiere red carpet, Evan Rachel Wood is there and she’s already red: this does not need to happen.

Alex Breckenridge at the True Blood premiere

At least Joanna Page is just inventing new red-coloured nail varnishes. And even though her character, 6, has black hair in the book, Syrup, Amber Heard is still reassuring blonde in the movie version.

Amber Heard in Syrup

Phew. Panic attack over.