Today’s Joanna Page: Dick Whittington in Milton Keynes

Joanna Page in panto

This is what Joanna Page is up to right now. Panto with Stavros Flatley. In Milton Keynes. What the hell did she do wrong? Still, her episode of Marple is coming up over the Christmas break and she’s on Shooting Stars as well, so at least if you want to see her in something over Christmas, you won’t have to go to Milton Keynes.

PS It sounds worse than it is – the panto is Dick Whittington and she’s starring with Dirk Benedict (Face from the original The A-Team). Don’t know why they’ve Photoshopped her to look more like Anthea Turner in the poster though.

Joanna Page and Dirk Benedict in panto

  • JP deserves better but on the other hand it does mean that people of Milton Keynes or near by get to see her in person. Awh, bet she’s lovely as well.