What have you been watching this week (w/e November 13)

Looking forward to Doctor Who on Sunday? Thought so. But what have you been watching this week? Collision, maybe? I almost watched, but the thought of committing myself to five nights of ITV1 put fear in my heart. And what did y’all think of Misfits? Not bad, huh?

Of the regulars:

  • Community – Last week’s was the first this season that wasn’t that funny, but it did move things on dramatically, so I’m not so worried
  • 30 Rock – Forgettable
  • Dexter – Okay
  • Stargate Universe – First one I thought was a genuine mess this season. Interesting, but a mess. Good twist at the end though.
  • The Thick of It – Liked this one a whole lot more than the previous weeks’. Good to see Malcolm actually has bite as well as bark, too
  • Supernatural – Last week’s episode was the funniest thing on TV all week. This week’s (still watching) is feeling a bit forced in comparison, but it’s okay

V was a bit rubbish, and resolutely trod in the original series’ footsteps but in a far less interesting way this week. I also watched a dull old CSI: NY episode (Point of No Return) in which the Greek woman said two lines of Greek for no good reason other than to rub in the fact she was Greek. She’d have said more if there were a good reason, I suspect.

We’ve also started watching the latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Always late to the party us. Quite enjoying it, but it does seem like a less tightly paced Seinfeld to me. Lovely wife loves it though.

What have you been watching though?

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