Review: Lie To Me 2×1

In the US: Monday September 28, 9/8c, Fox
In the UK: Thursday October 8, 10pm, Sky 1/Sky 1 HD

As you can imagine, with so much TV for me to watch and review, there’s a certain discipline involved if I’m ever going to have a life (arguably, I still need to get one). Thankfully, chez moi, the Carusometer is in charge, and once it’s passed its third-episode verdict, I abide by its ruling decision and ditch a programme it doesn’t rate.

Lie to Me I dropped after the third episode, on the general grounds that while the Carusometer loved Tim Roth, it thought the rest of the cast rubbish, the format ludicrous and too much an obvious copy of House‘s and Bones‘s, and the plots mediocre.

But Shawn Ryan, former exec producer on the now-defunct The Shield and The Unit, took over as show runner for this season. He’s been making interesting noises during interviews, that suggested he could see the flaws in the show, too. So I decided to leap back for the premiere episode of the second season to see if there are notable improvements.

It’s definitely better, but there are still serious flaws. Good old Carusometer. It’s always right.

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Review: Brothers 1×1-1×2

In the US: Fridays, 8pm, Fox

I really want to know who does the commissioning for Fox’s comedy division. Do they have a background in the theatre? Do they love hard-hitting tragedies?

What’s up with them basically, because they’re not hiring people who can write funny.

Take a look at Brothers, another ‘sitcom’ that like its Fox antecdent Happy Hour is really a drama with a laughter track: a football player has to return home from New York to be with his family, when his mother calls to tell him his father’s had a stroke. Back in Texas, he has to confront his bitter, wheelchair-bound brother, whose own sports career was destroyed thanks to a car accident and whose restaurant is now failing.

But it soon transpires that the prodigal son’s manager has run off with all his money, leaving him bankrupt, the only asset being the house he bought his parents. So he chooses to return to living with his family, to join his brother in running the restaurant, and to help look after his dementing father.

It’s like Ibsen or Chekov, isn’t it?

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