Ian Levine told where to go by RTD

There’s a thoroughly amusing anecdote about Ian Levine over on the Off The Telly blog. Basically, Russell T Davies told him exactly where to go at Wednesday’s Torchwood press conference in Cardiff:

“Ian, no offence, you’re not a journalist, so fuck off.”

Magic. I laughed like a drain when I read that.

Ian LevineIf you don’t know who Ian Levine is, there’s a handy article about him on Wikipedia. He also has his own discussion forum now. Suffice it to say, he’s a rich, powerful über-fan of Doctor Who, who saved various episodes from being burnt by the Beeb and eventually became a ‘continuity consultant’ to the show back in the 80s.

He’s also notoriously litigious: I was told by a publisher once that I wasn’t allowed to mention him in case he sued the magazine. All I wanted to say was the theme tune to K9 and Company was a bit rubbish, but that, apparently, would be enough to set him off in those days. Can’t stop me now, though!

PS What is it about the St David’s Hotel and Spa? John Barrowman’s going to spend Christmas there with his family, they hold the Torchwood press conference there? There are other hotels in Cardiff, you know. It is nice, mind.

PPS To counterbalance the Ian Levine photo, here’s one of a tree-hugging David Tennant.

 Media Galerie David Tennant 29