Who’s the next companion?

Yes, I know we’ve done this already. Twice, in fact. But as mentioned… well, everywhere now, neither the new companion to be nor Billie Piper will be appearing in the Doctor Who Christmas Special. But who will be the actual “next companion”, albeit for the space of one episode? Well, I know someone who does know, but he isn’t telling because the journalistic equivalent an ancient and terrible curse will descend upon him and family for the next three generations if he does.

Interesting that, huh? The Christmas episode is going to feature someone so massively of note as an interim companion for the Doctor that all who are in the know have been sworn to even greater secrecy than those who knew the identity of the companion for the third series.

So who do you reckon it is? Captain Jack? Probably not – he’s in Torchwood already so won’t be such an exciting choice. So it’s either going to be someone who’s a really big name (eg Catherine Zeta Jones, Tom Cruise, Leslie Grantham, etc) or (and this is my personal theory) a former companion.

What do y’all reckon to Sarah Jane being given one last Christmas adventure? It would please the old-school fans. All the kids know who she is now. It makes sense dramatically (Doctor, facing sadness and regrets over loss of Rose, turns to former companion whom he met up with recently and who knew Rose for solace and to start making amends for past behaviour). They could drag K9 along for the trip, which would please everyone. And it would stop us all from getting attached to a new companion before the real one turns up.

Of course, since it’s a theory that I whole-heartedly endorse, it’s wrong, but I thought I’d throw it out there so that people with better track records could ruminate on it.


  • Rob Buckley

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