Holiday! Celebrate!


Yes, it’s August, so it’s time for my annual pilgrimage to Greece. That means no blogging for the next fortnight, I’m afraid. You’ll live, somehow, I’m sure.

I’ll start posting content when I get back and in case you haven’t watched all the plays in the archive yet – perhaps you skipped Artemis 81 for some reason – that should keep you occupied for a while. When I’m back, almost normal service will resume, but since most TV people are on holiday in August, the Daily News won’t be back until September (no news is good news?). If you’re going on holiday, too, have a nice time – let us know if you had fun!



Question of the fortnight: should we rename The Carusometer?

I’m off for a couple of week’s holiday from tomorrow, but I’m going to leave you all with this highly important question to ponder before I go. As you may know, The Carusometer has been this blog’s mascot, as well as the implacable, absolute determinant of TV quality, for rather a long time. 

But David Caruso, from which The Carusometer gains its power, has had his long-running TV show CSI: Miami cancelled. No more Caruso on the air.

So the all-important question I must now ask you is:

Should we find a new source for The Carusometer’s power – if so, who? – or should we continue rely on David Caruso?

It almost goes without saying that whomever you recommend needs to have the same, universally regarded acting skills as David Caruso, if such a thing is possible.

Answers below on or your own blog, please