Which paper to read about the new companion?

Of course, the news is out in all the papers about who the new companion on Doctor Who is (I won’t name names at this point so as to preserve some element of surprise for those who don’t want to know until Saturday). But it’s interesting, as always, to plough through them all, just to see which ones do anything other than crib from the press release.

So here’s a pretty standard example from the Daily Mirror. Just a rewrite basically. But let’s not judge too much, since plenty of other papers, including media bible The Guardian, The Scotsman and the Daily Record did the same thing.

The Times adds a few extra nuggets of info, though, including speculation on how the actress involved will play the character differently from Billie Piper.

Here’s the Independent’s version. Note the angle of the story, plus they got a nice quote from someone else, albeit someone who doesn’t actually know any of the parties involved.

Lastly, there’s the pure evil, alternative universe version of that angle. Of course, it’s from the Daily Mail. On the one hand, the Mail has clearly done more legwork than all the other papers put together, which should be something to be applauded. Yet, by the end of the story, somehow it’s not…