TMINE takes its August break – see you in September (or maybe sooner)

Not a tea-break, though, as I don't drink tea

Chania Harbour

It’s that time again. August is upon us, a month of little TV news, few new TV shows – and my annual pilgrimage to Greece.

The normal schedule will resume on September 4th, with daily TV news, Weekly Wonder Woman and reviews of all the best and worst TV shows from around the world. But I might drop in from time to time to post the occasional review of TV I might have watched – after all, at the very least I’ve got Marvel’s The Defenders to watch when I get back and Amazon’s just dropped the whole of The Last Tycoon on us.

On top of that, TMINE now has a Facebook page, so I could well be posting the occasional news item, amusing thing I’ve seen or even TV thought there, so feel free to drop by and Like it. Or keep chatting here with one another, reviewing shows you’ve seen yourselves. Just be an excellent to one another.

If you’re going on vacation yourself, I hope you have a great time. See you all refreshed and ready for more TV in the autumn!