A shiny new look for TMINE

Those visiting here yesterday and today will have noticed that TMINE now has a brand new look. It was all supposed to be for TMINE’s 12th birthday this week, but development being what it is, deadlines slipped a bit.

It’s all a bit work-in-progress and a few things are missing and are in flux, so expect more changes over the next couple of weeks. Of course, if there are bits you like or don’t like, let me know, since making changes should be a lot easier now and it’s all a bit experimental anyway. I’ve already had some feedback, so the great big TMINE image has gone now (probably to wherever The Daily Show sent the giant head of Bruce Willis), so I do respond, honestly.

Also new is the fact that TMINE runs on WordPress rather than Movable Type. Although Movable Type was the best choice of blogging platform 11 years ago, nowadays it’s all a bit backwards (unless you fork out a few hundred pounds for a Movable Type 6 licence and can read Japanese well), but migration was a bit of a nightmare until recently which put that out of the question. But with a certain amount of tinkering, I’ve managed to make it all work, I hope.

WordPress brings lot of benefits for both you and me, including a working spellchecker, caching and faster comment loading, and the new theme is responsive and looks nice on mobile devices, too. If you’ve any suggestions for things I can introduce, let me know.