Watch the first episode of Touching Evil (US)

Touching Evil

Every so often, people ask me what TV shows I’d recommend watching. I mean not just watching, but hunting out then watching, because obviously this blog gives you some big clues as to what to watch as it is – it’s the rarer stuff that’s not on tele at the moment that are the bigger concerns.

The US remake of Touching Evil, starring Burn Notice‘s Jeffrey Donovan (he’s also in Clint Eastwood’s The Changeling soon), has been coming up a lot of late and people are finding out (or should be, if they follow my advice) that

  1. It was brilliant, although as the title suggests, it’s not going to take you to a happy place
  2. It was a whole lot better than the UK version
  3. Even if you don’t like the series itself, the music was brilliant
  4. The USA Network was nuts to cancel it

I won’t go into long drawn out discussions about its merits here – I’ve already done that on several occasions – so instead, I merely offer you, thanks to the joys of YouTube, the full first episode of the series. You can watch the whole 13 on there as well, but I draw the line at setting up playlists for those, too. It’s not out on DVD yet and has only once been shown in the UK so let’s start a petition, hey?