The Doctor Who fans are giving this Kickstarter thing a whirl, too

They’re called the Sons of Gallifrey and they’ve managed to get Yee Jee Tso from the TV movie involved. Impressive, huh?

Now give them your money. Or audition for them. Your choice.

Oh wait. Here’s a trailer. It seems to involve an S&M Rani. Oh dear. I’m assuming the Time Lady, not the one off The Sarah Jane Adventures. Oh dear, either way.

  • JustStark

    The audition script does not exactly inspire hope… it's hardly 'days like crazy paving'.

  • That and the teaser make me think that the world is not yet ready for the Sons of Gallifrey. And they're not ready for the world

  • JustStark

    I like that the photographed page of script has 'Sydney's lines with the genius parenthetical directions 'nervous' and 'frightened'. You know, in case it was unclear.

    Oh Lordy, I've found more:

    'The series will follow the adventures of a young Doctor and a young Master on their earliest journey through time and space, before they became enemies. […] And here’s the hook: viewers won’t know which of the two Time Lords is The Doctor and
    which is The Master. There will be plenty of clues in every episode, but really, how reliable could those clues possibly be?'
    Not ready indeed.