Watch Grissom’s return to CSI

I gave up watching CSI over a year ago. I just wasn’t involved by the characters any more. But I think I might still be watching if Grissom was on it. Miraculously, he was on it for a couple of minutes last night in a slight tear-jerky scene with Sara and his mom, so to save you the trouble of watching the whole thing, just for that scene, here it is on YouTube, you lucky people.

  • Mark Carroll

    CSI actually manages to remain not too bad, though I agree thet Grissom was a big asset. It somehow doesn’t usually feel as same-y as many other of these police shows. Though, in that episode I found the actual investigation more interesting than the family stuff, apart from the general idea that different kinds of marriage work for different couples which seemed like a reasonable point adequately made.

  • MediumRob

    CSI is definitely still the best of the procedural shows out there. But it’s still a little less than serial for me and I’ve no interest in any of the characters beyond Sara really.