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Third-episode verdict: Traffic Light

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I guess, in the scheme of things, a rom-com aimed at men is novel. Three male friends hang out, talk about their relationships (or lack thereof) and try to get the upper hand with their wives and girlfriends – sometimes actually winning – without being complete dicks and occasionally being smart.


Yet, the problem with Traffic Light is it’s not very funny. It’s surprisingly smart, but it’s very rare that its jokes hit home. The men aren’t that relatable. The women are a little bit too much the voice of responsibility and lack of fun, and things are rarely from their point of view. 

So unfortunately, despite a brave attempt and a second episode that did at least raise a couple of titters, Traffic Light‘s going down in the books as a bit of a failure.

Carusometer rating: 4
Rob’s prediction: Cancelled by the end of the season


Random Acts

Random Acts of Ali Larter: Town Hall meeting

So, a lot of you probably think I’m making a lot of this up. Ali Larter (happy birthday, Ali!) may be very random, but no way has she been sub-contracting out that job to the various random actors and actresses I’ve been claiming while she’s been on maternity leave, you’re probably thinking. 

Well, how to explain this. Ali Larter’s favourite charity is The Art of Elysium. But she was busy this week at the Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood 2011 – Chrysler Celebrates "The Fighter" Benefiting Communities In Schools and the Hollywood Domino Gala.

Ali Larter at the Dominos gala

So who did she get to go to the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas & The Art of Elysium Pieces of Heaven Art Auction on Wednesday? Scarlett Johansson, who took notes.

But she didn’t just send Scarlett. Amber Heard was there, fresh from assisting Amnesty International and some illegal
Immigrants, to randomly sign cars, too.

Amber Heard - Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood

See? Anyway, this is Scarlett’s bit of randomness this week (she got a whole load of other actresses to help out, too, including Emily Blunt, Jessica Biel, Minka Kelly, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria Sofia Vergara and Lindsay Lohan): the Hottie Body Hump Club.

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Doctor Who

  • BBCW commissions free online multi-player Doctor Who game [subscription required]
  • A returning character [minor spoilers]




British TV

  • STV revenues up 16%


Classic TV

Lost Gems: King Rollo (1980)

King Rollo

I do this Lost Gem, mainly as a favour to my wife and as an instructional video for younger people. It seems that there are “young people” (ie people in their 20s) in Britain who do not know who King Rollo is/was, which is just unacceptable.

King Rollo was a children’s character created by David McKee in 1979, starring in a series of books, animations narrated by Ray Brooks, and a comic strip in the magazine Buttons. In all, 13 episodes of the animation were produced in 1980 that were originally shown in two halves as part of the BBC’s pre-school See-Saw strand.

The central character of the stories was Rollo, a child-like King who was always in need of advice and assistance from his friends. Among these were The Magician (a father figure), Cook (the king’s cook, a mother figure, who was arguably the real ruler of the kingdom), his neighbour, Queen Gwen, King Frank, and perhaps most importantly, Rollo’s cat, Hamlet, who was generally portrayed as wiser than Rollo himself.

The animations used the same distinctive colourful cut-out paper look as McKee’s other works, such as Mr Benn (about whom much will be said at a later date), and one memorable aspect was that the characters’ legs would rotate outwards when walking until they were at right-angles at the sides of their body.

Here’s the first episode. There – now everyone knows who King Rollo is. Job done.

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