Monday’s Doctor and companion reunion news

Doctor Who/Theatre

  • David Tennant and Catherine Tate to star in Much Ado About Nothing
  • Rusty reveals Torchwood: Miracle Day‘s plot [minor spoilers]


British TV


  • Oh dear, poor Primeval: I feel quite sad for it really. Think I would refer back to the ‘really very VERY silly’ exchanges of a few posts ago – it was always daft but now….
    *Sigh*, no more Cutter…
    And on the Much Ado news…. never has Monday felt so far away! Given the weekend of frantic activity, seeing that headline here felt a little like stumbling across a headlline today saying the the Liberal Democrats have gone into coalition with the Tories…

  • SK

    I think it’s a pity that it’s now Primeval is heading down: the weekend’s episode suggested they’d already anticipated what I was saying about needing to give the rifts a human element to replace the madwoman — they just thought people would sit through two episodes of unfocussed creature-wibble before they brought in the rift-travellers. Which may turn out to have been over-optimistic…
    (The ‘lockdown’ plot, actually, didn’t seem that silly to me at all; working in the IT industry that sort of cock-up is entirely believable. I mean you’d HOPE people would be more careful when the consequences might be people being suffocated rather than just crashing your data centre while the only person with the password to restart it is on holiday, but I bet you anything they wouldn’t…)