Tuesday’s “no longer Lost” news

Happy 47th birthday, Doctor Who!



  • Lost‘s Matthew Fox to make UK stage debut in Neil LaBute play

British TV


  • Can’t say the Beeb’s line up looks desperately inspiring, but I may be feeling a bit jaded. I know he’s 80, but the One Ronnie, ffs, he’s the unfunny one. And I always hated those monologues. Daniel Roche will make a fine William, though I think… & am looking forward to Dr Who. (Hoping to actually watch it this year too. Last year family crisis regrettably interrupted viewing.)

  • I’m still chuckling that anyone could describe Joss Whedon’s reaction to the Buffy movie as one of ‘fury’.
    Whedon doesn’t DO fury: he does sardonic despair, irony; the ultimate in *head-desk*

  • Bassygalore

    @Rullsenberg – Exactly my thoughts….
    Joss’ comments were hilarious. 🙂