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Review: Sapphire and Steel – Second Sight

Second SightBig Finish producer Nigel Fairs and co painted themselves into something of a corner with their last Sapphire and Steel audio play. They really thought it was going to be the last one, since the sales figures had been somewhat lacking, so they essentially killed off Sapphire and Steel.

Trouble was, Big Finish supremo Jason Haigh-Ellery decided he wanted more episodes, commissioned a third series of stories and Fairs and co had to come up with a way out for our heroes. Several glasses of red wine later, they came up with the idea of recasting Sapphire and Steel.

So here’s Second Sight, answering a question no one had previously asked before and never really wanted an answer to either: what if Sapphire and Steel were played by young Australian soap stars?

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Audio and radio play reviews

Review: Doctor Who – The Skull of Sobek

The Skull of SobekZzzzz. Zzzzz.

Oh hello. I didn’t see you there. Was I asleep? Sorry.

Right. A review of the new Big Finish eighth Doctor/Lucie Miller play, The Skull of Sobek.

The Skull of Sobek is set…

Zzzz. Zzzz. Zzzz.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I fall asleep just then? How rude. Let’s try again.

The Skull of Sobek is set…

Zzzz. Zzzz. Zzzz.

Oh dear. I did it again, didn’t I? Right. Back in a minute after I’ve knocked back a pack of Pro Plus. I can see this is the only way I’m going to be able to get through it.

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