Facebook and followers

A very slightly exciting technical innovation: it’s now possible to log in to the blog with your FaceBook account and have your profile pic and a link to your profile appear next to your comments (comme ça). There’s a very slight formatting issue and it goes a weird if you log out, but it seems to work fine otherwise.

A very slightly less exciting technical innovation: it’s now possible to ‘follow’ the blog using the widget underneath the Recent Comments/News/Latest/Popular/Tags thingie in the sidebar. I think it means you get to find out when there’s an update or something, but I guess it’s also a way of showing support in a Web 2.0 sort of way.

Let me know if you have any problems.

UPDATE: If you want to link to a site other than your FaceBook profile such as your blog, let me know, either directly or in your first comment, and I’ll make it so – as I’ve just done with Marie’s comments (fingers crossed).