Third-episode verdict: Six Degrees

Six Degrees

Tricky one this. Not just because I keep wanting to write “Sixth-episode verdict: The Three Degrees”. No, the trouble is I’ve been sucked in now.

It’s not a terribly exciting show. The freaky coincidences are dying down and the implied pairings-off that looked inevitable have now gone into remission, making the possibly supernatural aspects of the show less of a draw.

It’s really the characters and the actors that are the draw. The writing’s good and manages to avoid most clichés, although the characters themselves are somewhat clichéd in concept. The ensemble cast is a whole lot better than on some shows I could mention (eg Jericho). And you do actually want to find out what happens to everyone.

If you want to avoid being sucked in, don’t watch. I don’t want to watch, but now I have to.