Showtime’s free content weekend

ShowtimeSomeone at Showtime has just written to me to let me know that this weekend (6th-8th October), Yahoo! is offering free access to Showtime programming, including Dexter, Weeds, L Word, Brotherhood, Sleeper Cell, Penn and Teller: Bullshit and The Tudors (currently in production in Ireland with Jonathan Rhys Meyers). If you’re in the US and Showtime’s available in your cable package, you’ll have free access to it this weekend, too.

It’s worth pointing out, UK readers, that unlike similar streaming facilities from ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, you can actually watch the Yahoo! videos in the UK. Since you’ll need FX, which is only available on Sky, to watch Brotherhood and Dexter when they turn up later in the year and in early 2007, now’s the chance to find out what you’ll be missing if you don’t have Sky.