Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe still holding up

Screen WipeAfter praising last week’s Screen Wipe, I was wary that it was going to be pants this week, just to spite me. Fortunately, it was just as good, if not better.

Brooker’s pretty much nailed down the right combination of puerility, extended rants and incisive commentary. And where he is using other contributors, he’s now picking the right kind, such as David Quantick and Adam Buxton. Absolutely hilarious from start to finish it was. I particularly enjoyed the slating of the extremely rubbish Are We Being Served?, which was basically a bunch of complaints by stupid people who couldn’t read and who had an extreme sense of entitlement.

But Adam Buxton’s use of his old character, Ken Korda, from The Adam and Joe Show was interesting. On Adam and Joe, Korda was rather a pathetic figure (here are some YouTube examples of Korda in action). On Screen Wipe, he was doing a faux director’s commentary on The Mint, ITV Play’s rather awful late night phone-in show. It was all suspiciously similar to Rob Brydon’s 2004 series Directors Commentary:

I think Korda here owes a lot more to Brydon’s Peter de Lane than he does to the Korda of The Adam and Joe Show. I can’t find any clips of Directors Commentary for you to compare and contrast with (I gave my mum-in-law the DVD), so if you’ve seen it, let me know if you agree with me.

And if you’re an Adam Buxton fan, let me know if ‘Ken Korda’ has done some similar commentaries before (especially pre-2004) or whether this is an ‘homage’.

‘I say “homage” for all the A1s out there. For all the C2s… it’s a “rip-off”. Hello, C2s. Back from the off-licence? Got your scratch cards?’

That’s a Directors Commentary quote. Compare that with Ken Korda’s narration in the clip and you’ll see what I mean. (I’m not implying he has ripped it off, mind, just saying it might be a genuine homage.)

It has to be said (thanks to Scott for the pointer) that Buxton’s doing faux commentaries a lot, though, so it may just be a new style for him that’s coincidentally similar to Brydon’s.

Incidentally, clearly, I’m not as down with the kids as I used to be, otherwise I would have known that the theme to Screen Wipe is Grandaddy’s ‘A.M. 180’ (link is to the iTunes Music Store). I thought it has been composed especially, but it was on XFM while I was driving to the gym today. Curse my failed indie credentials.