Bloody Goldfrapp

Today’s “tune I really wish I could get out of my head, even though I really rather like it” is Goldfrapp’s Number One, available in the iTunes Music Store and on Amazon. It’s really rather good and it makes you wonder why she’s been unknown for so long when she’s been putting stuff like this out for ages. Still, not as long as Pulp, hey?

Robert Newman and Mark Thomas

Went to see Robert Newman and Mark Thomas at the Broadway Theatre last night. Mark Thomas was pretty good, purveying less agitprop than he did with last year’s “boycott Coca Cola because they collude with murdering Colombian paramilitaries” tour. Unfortunately, for his regular attendees, there was some repeated material, which was a shame, since he’s usually not short of new material.
Thomas at least knows how to tell a joke and make people laugh, though, something that Robert Newman appears to have forgotten. I last saw Newman at the infamous Wembley Arena gig he did with David Baddiel back in the early 90s and he seems to have degenerated since then. Fair enough, Newman had a cold, but not only did he mumble most of his act, it was absolutely incoherent. And, oh dear, he appears to have read a book or two and wants to show off.

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‘Most Haunted’ a fake! Surely not

The redoubtable Mirror has exclusively revealed that Living’s Most Haunted is faked.
Well, I just feel so cheated.
Quite why it’s taken three years for the Mirror to reveal what’s obvious within three milliseconds of hearing the show’s premise or watching it, I don’t know. A show that every week goes to a different haunted house and every week manages to expose the supernatural? Gosh, with ghosts that easy to find, it’s a wonder everyone isn’t doing it.

Review: The Surgeon

Just to show the Internet is opening up the whole world, Australian TV is now joining the UK, US and Japan in filling up the torrent sites.

The Surgeon is a nifty half hour show that I managed to catch, despite my queasiness for all things medical. It lacks the gloss of ER et al but is far more “warts and all” than its US counterparts: the staff have rubbish bedside manners, they make mistakes, they’re rude to each other, they spend time at work chatting when they should be paying attention to patients, and the equipment is old and practically obsolete. I have no idea if this is an accurate reflection of the Australian healthcare system, but it seems in keeping with the NHS so I’ll accept it as such for now.

I probably won’t watch any more episodes, since I’m not really into medical dramas, but it’s nice to know there’s a little variety on the web now.