Quarantine viral videos: the cast of Happy Endings have reunited for a new pandemic episode

The lockdown has enabled a huge number of current and past TV shows to overcome logistical problems – time, money, the need for high production values, everybody being in the same place – to redo old episodes, to create whole new episodes and even to cross over with other TV shows.

Now the cast of the much-missed Happy Endings – Adam Pall, Casey Wilson, Damon Wayans Jr, Eliza Coupe, Zachary Knighton and Elisha Cuthbert – have got in on the act to make a brand new, lockdown-set episode for charity. There’s even a Q&A at the end.


Bill and Ted

Quarantine viral video: Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter give San Dimas High School’s graduation address

Most of the current crop of quarantine viral videos are reunions where people talk about past work, are new episodes made during lockdown about lockdown itself, or are read-throughs of previous episodes.

So today’s Quarantine Viral Video is a little different in that it’s a genuine High School Graduation Ceremony address made during lockdown. The celebrities involved? Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, who played/are playing Bill and Ted in the various Bill and Ted movies. The High School? San Dimas High.




Quarantine viral videos: Splash and Lord of the Rings’s cast and creators reunite on Reunited Apart

Remember Josh Gad’s Reunited Apart? It’s an online series that showcases charities working to provide resources during the lockdown. Hosted by Josh Gad, each episode reunites the cast and crew of classic movies.

The first of these were The Goonies (1985) and Back to the Future (1985), but he’s only gone and done another two!

Episode three reunites Splash (1984)’s director Ron Howard, producer/creator Brian Grazer, and stars Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, as well as a few special guests (clue: Schitt’s Creek‘s Eugene Levy is one of them).

Episode four then ups the ante by going after the cast of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. That features (for starters) Sean Astin, Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Orlando Bloom and Ian McKellan, as well as writer/director Peter Jackson. Sean Bean, Viggo Mortensen, Liv Tyler, Karl Urban, John Rhys-Davies and Andy Serkis later on.

And Taika Waititi. And some others. It’s a double-length episode. Are you surprised?


Quarantine viral videos: Line of Duty meets Unforgotten meets Life on Mars meets Midsomer Murders

There’s a lot of crossovers going on this viral video arranged by showrunner Jed Mercurio for charity Asks For Masks.

Most of the regular cast of Line of Duty (Adrian Dunbar, Martin Compston and Vicky McClure) show up, of course. But also joining them are various members of cop shows past and present:

  • Sanjeev Bhasker’s DI Sunny Khan from Unforgotten
  • Philip Glenister’s DCI Gene Hunt from Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes
  • Neil Dudgeon’s DCI John Barnaby from Midsomer Murders

Watch the video them give ’em some cash!



Quarantine viral video: W1A returns

Many US TV show casts are reuniting by Zoom for charity read-throughs and even whole new episodes – Mythic Quest has just unveiled its latest episode, shot using 40 iPhones in the actors’ homes.

However, they’re not alone and yesterday, the cast of BBC Two’s W1A reunited for a five-minute special to announce the formation of the BBC Covid-19 Bounce Back Group.

Among those making an appearance are Hugh Bonneville, Monica Dolan, Sarah Parish, Jason Watkins and David Westhead.