Doom Patrol

What have you been watching? Including Doom Patrol, The Twilight Zone and Das Boot

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

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Yes, a day late. Would you have expected anything else from me of late? But this really is only temporary – my workload should finally be abating a tad next week, so WHYBW should be back on Monday again.

In the past week, I did manage to review the first episode of Perry Mason (US: HBO; UK: Sky Atlantic), but that was it. Not that there was much new TV last week, so actually that was a pretty high success rate.


What TMINE has been watching

I’ve got one more episode further into season 3 of Baron Noir, so the end is nearly in sight. I also finished the first episode of season 2 of Das Boot, but rather than try to boxset that, I’ve learned my lesson – I’m adding that to the regulars and trying to do one episode a week. Should have thought of that with Baron Noir, shouldn’t I?

I’ve also started on season 3 of Dark. I’m pleased that three episodes in, the thing I was worried about at the end of season 2 has simply led to even more of the same as before, rather than shark-jumping. However, the whole show has now become in the process even more infinitely complicated. Somehow.

There’s no point trying to review it episode by episode, so I’ll try to Boxset that for next week. Once I’ve finished reading some Cliff Notes about Schopenhauer. It’s that kind of show.

Head High

Next on TMINE

There’s a new New Zealand TV show out: Head High. That’s about secondary school rugby, though, so the chances of me loving it are small (I had enough of secondary school rugby at secondary school). But let’s see what happens.

Warrior Nun starts on Netflix on Thursday, so I might give that a try. But that seems to be all the new shows out this week. As usual, don’t be too surprised if I missed something and a surprise review pops up, though.

We’ve also watched another Disney movie: Aladdin (2019). Hopefully, I can Covideodrome that, along with Bad Boys For Life (2019) some time this week. Coming to Disney+ on Friday, though, are Hamilton (a recording of the theatrical performance) and Frozen 2 (2019), so I’m pretty sure they’re going to be our weekend viewing – and next week’s Covideodrome offerings.

Joel McHale in The Twilight Zone
The Twilight Zone

After the jump…

After the jump, reviews of the latest episodes of Condor and Stargirl, as well as the aforementioned Das Boot. Doom Patrol and The Twilight Zone both returned last week, so I’ll be covering them, too. See you in a mo.

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Classic TV

Talking Pictures July 2020: Night Prowl

An occasional look at what classic TV shows Talking Pictures (Sky 328 | Freeview 81 | Freesat 306 | Virgin 445) is going to be airing soon

There’s been a late addition to the 19th July schedules at Talking Pictures. Airing at 6am is Night Prowl, a ‘lost’ 1958 sitcom pilot that aired as part of Studio 57, in which Dennis O’Keefe plays the editor of music magazine Take 5 – and solves crimes as a side line. Guest stars are Dennis Day, Bethel Leslie and Ray Anthony.

I also appreciate I’ve not been too comprehensive in my schedule-checking, so I’ve had a quick data mine of the schedules for June and July. Starting/being repeated at some point are the following shows: Hannay, Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans, Jack the Ripper (the mini-series with Michael Caine and Lewis Collins), Rooms, Special Branch, and Target: The Corruptors! Some of those have already started, in fact, so rush to the Talking Pictures schedules page to see when you can see them, as I’m in a rush.

All the same, that brings everything up to date – only new things from now on! Well, new old things, obviously…

Writing the Salisbury Poisonings

What (more) TV’s on at the RTS in July? Including The Salisbury Poisonings

Every so often, TMINE flags up what new TV events the Royal Television Society is holding around the UK

The RTS has another event lined up for July – next week, in fact!

TV’s Global Game

Date: Monday 6 July
Timings: 2pm-3pm

How do you write the biggest new BBC drama since 2018? Join Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson as they reveal the writing process behind The Salisbury Poisonings and talk about their jump from the newsroom to drama!

Declan Lawn spent 10 years as an investigative reporter for BBC Panorama. As a screenwriter, he is inspired by the capacity for television drama to act as a companion to journalism, telling powerful stories about how the modern world really works.

Adam Patterson spent years working as a photojournalist and producing current affairs documentaries. Working on award-winning programmes such as the BBC’s Panorama and Unreported World, he specialised in societal issues about youth and their place in world.

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The Cockfields

TMINE’s Daily Global TV News: The Cockfields renewed; ABC, The CW and NBC’s picked up and cancelled pilots; + more

Every weekday, TMINE brings you the latest TV news from around the world

Internet TV



New US TV shows

  • ABC red lights: The Brides, Valley Trash and thirtysomething(else)
  • …and Revenge sequel
  • green lights: pilots of Rebel, Harlem’s Kitchen, Bossy (formerly Kids Matter Now), Home Economics and Work Wife
  • yellow lights: Adopted, National Parks Service (formerly ISB) and Triage
  • The CW red lights: LA Complex reboot
  • NBC green lights: series of crashed spaceship drama Debris, with Jonathan Tucker and Riann Steele
  • HBO developing: limited series adaptation of Brit Bennett’s The Vanishing Half

New US TV show casting

  • Leslie Odom Jr, Tommy Dorfman, Gil Bellows et al to star in Freeform’s Love in the Time of Corona

TMINE’s Daily Global TV News: Twenties renewed; Vagrant Queen, Escape the Night cancelled; Losing Alice acquired; + more

Every weekday, TMINE brings you the latest TV news from around the world

Internet TV

International TV

Nordic TV

  • Trailer for HBO Nordic’s Björnstad (Bearstad)



New US TV shows

New US TV show casting