Fortnightly Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #43, Trinity #20, The Brave and the Bold #2, Justice League #41, Damage #3

Diana twats Damage

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WWW had to take a leave of absence last week, since I was celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday. Diana would have approved I’m sure, just as she’ll approve of the fact that there’ll be no WWW next week either, since we’re taking my mother-in-law on holiday. Sorry about that.

Even worse, I don’t have that much time today, either, so this is going to be a bit more whistle-stop than usual. It’ll be a comprehensive whistle-stop tour of all the news and comics, but a whistle-stop one nevertheless.

Movie news

Today’s big news is that Narcos‘ Pedro Pascal has joined Wonder Woman 2. There’s no word on whom he’ll be playing, but given Cheetah is involved, is it possible he might end up playing Sebastian Ballesteros?

Also announced is a new DCEU movie focused on the New Gods. Ava DuVernay (Wrinkle in Time) is signed up to direct that, making her the first woman of colour to helm a $100m+ live-action movie. Hopefully the effects will be better than those used for Steppenwolf in Justice League. Will our Diana be in it? We’ll have to wait and see.

Otherwise, it’s just been Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds teasing each other on Twitter about who owns the Wonder Woman stance, and Gadot wishing Diana a happy birthday.

Merchandising news

Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in the US has just unveiled a ‘drop tower’ ride that features virtual reality and some DC superheroes, including Wonder Woman.

Comics news

Following the end of Dark Nights: Metal, which was previously considered a comic book series that not even the merciful release of death would stop, Justice League is getting relaunched again. Wonder Woman’s still in it, you’ll be glad to hear, but she’s also going to be heading up Justice League Dark.

Justice League Dark

There’s multi-tasking for you.

Lastly, DC is going to be reprinting in English some manga titles involving our Diana as Batman & the Justice League Manga Vol. 1.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print.

Comic reviews

Not so much proper reviews, as me going through each issue with a highlighter pen for some interesting or relevant moments, but what ya gonna do? Although arguably that’s all I really do anyway.

Still, after the jump, Diana dies in a fight with Black Panther Justice League #41, haggles with some gods in The Brave and the Bold #2, picks unnecessary fights in Wonder Woman #43, picks a necessary fight in Damage #3 and chops up a giant metal robot Egyptian god of mummification in Trinity #20.

Note: these product descriptions may not be entirely accurate

Justice League #41

Justice League #41

Yellow highlighter pen notes

Christopher Priest, who did a noteworthy run on Marvel’s Black Panther, here does a spin on it with a rather similar looking and titled character, Red Lion, as the Justice League watchtower crashes into his African country. But as far as Diana is concerned, there’s some curious merchandise available to her fans in the DC Universe. There may even be a Wonder Woman cartoon series, but one featuring Golden Age Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman merchandise

Diana also helps some black kids, as per usual, and does bullet and bracelets.

Helping kids

Bullet and bracelets

She argues with Superman about whether to intervene in the struggle, pointing out that he wouldn’t hesitate to intervene in the US.

Philosophical difference

However, when someone shoots Superman, the bullets (apparently) bounce off him and hit her.

Diana's dead

Yep, Diana’s definitely not bulletproof these days.

The Brave and the Bold #2

The Brave and the Bold #2

Yellow highlighter pen notes

An Irish god having been murdered, Diana offers the use of Lasso of Truth to find out whodunnit. However, no one cares about the results – cos magic and because that would end up with a very short story – so she suggests bringing the world’s greatest detective (ie Batman) on board to solve the crime through more natural mechanisms.

Don't you believe me?

Come on in

Wonder Woman #43

Wonder Woman #43

Yellow highlighter pen notes

Lots of Jason in his mighty armour this issue. The fact said armour gives him ‘the aim of the best marksman’ and let’s him know ‘the best way to beat an opponent’ suggests that either the armour is a gift from Artemis and Athena, among others, or that writer James Robinson has been reading his Eric Luke back issues and is thinking of bringing back Cronus and Deva for maybe a couple of panels.

Magic armour

Meanwhile, after yet another issue starting in medias res, we have Diana deciding to interrogate the Furies not by using her Lasso but by giving them a sportswoman like chance to fight her first. Cos that makes sense. Still, at least she wins… most of the time.

Sporting chance

Darkseid's Stargate

Oh yes – Darkseid has a Stargate.

Damage #3 Diana twats Damage

Damage #3

Yellow highlighter pen notes

Tony Daniel’s new title and superhero has seen a genetically engineering supersoldier punching various superheroes very hard. Now it’s Damage’s turn to punch Wonder Woman. However, he’s more than met his match this time, since Diana soon overpowers him and has him trussed up, revealing to him the truth of his situation.

The Lasso of Truth reveals all

However, since the Lasso of Truth seems to be completely balls these days – or maybe because he’s shrunk – Damage escapes from his bonds.

Damage escapes the Lasso

When Diana reports back to the others what happens, Superman has a slight crisis of ego, since she says Damage hits harder than anyone she’s ever met.

Superman's ego is damaged

Trinity #20

Trinity #20

Yellow highlighter pen notes

Everyone’s off hunting for Steve Trevor, whom Deimos has captured and turned into a man-beast. Because why not.

Steve Trevor - Man Beast

Meanwhile, the Trinity are scouring the world for Deimos by tracking codes on satellites or something. All of which leads to them fighting some not terribly difficult bad guys. Diana ends up pulling a giant robot apart and not feeling too taxed by the experience.


Giant Anubis: twatted

But then she has to deal with Steve…

Steve Trevor: Man Beast


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