Weekly Wonder Woman: Justice League #51; Injustice: Gods Among Us – Year 5 #26; Superman: Rebirth #1

Quite a quiet week again for Diana in comics last week, although a bit busier than a fortnight ago, it’s true. However, it’s all go in the real world, thanks to her 75th birthday looming on the horizon. She’s got a shiny new logo to celebrate:

She’s got a shiny new costume (now appearing in Rebirth):

Wonder Woman 75 Costume

With matching Barbie:

Wonder Woman Barbie

There’s even a 75th birthday action figure, complete with invisible jet.

Wonder Woman 75th birthday and Invisible Jet

Although don’t go expecting the latter to appear in next year’s movie.

But after the jump, we’ll be looking at the flashback-tastic Justice League #51 and punch-tastic Injustice: Gods Among Us – Year 5 #26, as well as a Trinity-tastic night-time meeting in Superman: Rebirth #1. Oh, by the way, Donna Troy has a new costume this month, too, over in Teen Titans: Rebirth #1

Donna Troy has a new costume

Looks a bit familiar, doesn’t it?

Justice League #51

Justice League #51
A flashback to the early days of the nu52 Justice League, when Robin turns up to play with the Big Boys – and Girl.

Is it any good?
Depending on your mood, this is:

  1. An obvious filler designed to get from Justice League #50 to the all-important #52 before Justice League: Rebirth #1.
  2. A loving tribute to times past in the nu52 Justice League before Justice League: Rebirth #1.
  3. An attempt to highlight all the joy and fun and love that will be coming in Justice League: Rebirth #1 and which was missing from the nu52 Justice League.

There’s not a huge amount to it, beyond all manner of trans-dimensional entities turning up that the Justice League have to deal with, six months after the events of that first Darkseid war at the beginning of the nu52 Justice League. It’s all told from the viewpoint of the young Robin, and we get to see him wowed by the Justice League, including Wonder Woman and her throwing arm:

Wonder Woman has a good throwing arm

Wonder Woman throws

Largely, though, it’s just a bit of sci-fi fun, full of silly words and a bit of punching. Diana comes out of it well, being the one who calls off the fight once she realises who the baddies really are…

Diana works it out

…but don’t expect any huge revelations, despite the issue being one of the final two of the nu52 run.

Rating: 5/7 (Artwork: 5/7)

Injustice Gods Among Us Year 5 #26

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five #26
Batman beats up Superman, Wonder Woman beats up Batman.

Is it any good?
Obviously, many issues have passed since we last looked at Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five, all the way back in March, which was Diana’s last appearance in this weekly title. Most of it was punching and a bit of killing, including Bizarro Superman, but suffice it to say the big casualty of the whole affair was a certain butler, which has made both Batman and Nightwing a bit annoyed. So Batman beats up Superman to teach Nightwing the importance of not killing.

I’m sure this all makes sense somewhere.

Anyway, it’s Diana to the rescue.

Diana punches Batman

Of course, then Batman questions Diana’s integrity, suggesting she’s only on Superman’s side because she’s in love with him. Oops.

Batman crosses a line

You question my integrity?

Flash then saves the day so everyone can have punching matches again. Woo hoo.

Perhaps the most interesting point in the issue, though, is when Bats suggests, after five years of global devastation and death, that Barry maybe consider Flashpointing the whole title out of existence. Not a chance with the revenue the title is doing, but perhaps that’s a hint of what’s to come. Or did you really think that being able to play ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ with Flashpoint avatars wouldn’t get an origin story?

Flashpoint the title out of existence

Rating: 5/7 (Artwork: 4/7)

Superman Rebirth #1

Superman Rebirth #1
I won’t cover this in much detail, since it really only features Diana in a brief night time meeting with the new/old Superman to work out what he’s up to:

Old Superman meets Rebirth Wonder Woman and Batman

The Rebirth Trinity

No real hint there of what it must be like for Diana to be dealing with a man who looks just like the man she was on the point of marrying and/or having kids with, you may have noticed. Looks like we’re glossing that over for now. But then we are talking about a title that thinks it’s a step forward to have a Lois Lane who spends most of her time doing housework and cooking.

Rating: 3/7 (Artwork: 3/7)

Disclaimer: Owing to the small fortune it would take to buy every single DC comic each week, this is not a guaranteed rundown of all the comics that feature Wonder Woman. If you know of any I’ve missed, email me or leave a comment below and I’ll cover them the following week


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