• benjitek

    A few things missing, at least for now. Most importantly would be Bluetooth audio. They mentioned the remote connects via Bluetooth, but what about stereo Bluetooth headphones or speakers? Amazon's has Bluetooth audio, and the Roku 3 does it over WiFi to a headphone jack in the remote.

    App-wise, I wouldn't consider anything that doesn't offer a Plex app — I can't see it not coming eventually, but it wasn't announced. Another would be Amazon Instant Video; lastly, Sling TV — surprised not to see that at launch. Won't spend $200 and not have those apps, plus what they already offer.

    Close to being the only box many would need, but not quite 🙁

  • Apple stuff is always missing a few things 😉

    You can actually get the Apple TV to do Plex without jailbreaking, with a bit of work and as long as you don't mind losing the Trailers app: https://blog.plex.tv/2013/06/0

    I find that it's actually nicer to use and more reliable than the Amazon Firestick Plex app, which is prone to stuttering and over-complicated. But given how much Plex are currently pushing apps on different devices and given how much effort they put into the recent iOS app revamp, I can't imagine it'll be long before there's a native TVOS app, too.

    Of course, it's Apple so ridiculously more expensive than it should be, and so I won't be upgrading yet. The lack of Amazon Prime app is an annoyance, too, and it'll be interesting to see if Amazon do produce one for the TVOS. Ditto with the iPlayer et al.

  • benjitek

    Plex is great on my Roku 3, but the wireless audio isn't. Lots of stuttering regardless of the source. Would probably be more consistent if it was Bluetooth, as the wireless audio implementation of the Roku remote seems to be susceptible to interference. Often requires removing the batteries to reset it to clear up the audio, temporarily…

  • Gareth Williams

    I'm a bit disappointed by the whole thing. It seems that they've been unsuccessful in getting the content providers to do what they wanted so they've just updated the box to do what they could've done a couple of years ago.

    The box could've been a pretty cheap basic games console earlier, and I'm surprised there's no official Apple games controller. Not that I'm a gamer.

    So voice search apart what does it offer that's much different than your Smart TV? I'm sure there'll be more Apps available, but beyond Netflix and BBC iPlayer etc.(which are available on multiple devices) what do you think you'd actually use?

    I hope the developers come up with loads of amazing ideas, but at the moment it's just an Apple TV 2 with a faster chip. As Apple's exchange rate is often $1 to the £ I can't see me upgrading.

  • benjitek

    I'm thinking the next-gen of Amazon's fire-box is 'the one': http://zatznotfunny.com/2015-0

  • Interesting. But I bet it won't play DRMed iTunes movies and TV shows, which both the Apple TV and Plex Connect on the Apple TV can do.

    Of course, no Amazon Prime on the Apple TV or iPlayer (except as a Plex channel), but let's see what the tvOS app store gets. Maybe, just maybe…

  • benjitek

    Personally, I don't use iTunes for anything video. Hulu, SlingTV, Amazon Prime or non-Prime, and Netflix work for me. Music is all I ever purchase from iTunes. Plex Media Server provides access to my iTunes music library.

    Amazon Fire TV has an 'official' Plex app, Bluetooth Audio and apps for the services I use. Had I known the Roku 3's WiFi audio performance was so awful, I'd have gone with FireTV.

  • benjitek

    Good news 🙂

    “There is no question we will be able to offer Plex on the platform. There are multiple ways to go about it, based on the tvOS SDK we now have access to. We are now evaluating the best path for Plex and will begin work in earnest once we have evaluated the options. The ability to access great and proven iOS frameworks on the device is great for developers like us — we know the stuff is solid and will perform really well. Our goal is to enable people to enjoy Plex on the hardware platforms of their choice, and there is no doubt this will be a top platform for us.”

  • If Amazon and the Beeb et al join in, then I might yet upgrade, then!

  • benjitek

    All that and Bluetooth audio for me…

  • benjitek

    More good news: Bluetooth audio!!! 🙂