Weekly Wonder Woman: Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three #20, Sensation Comics #24

First, a quick question. What’s happened to Wonder Woman ’77? Three issues/one story down and despite the fact it’s listed on DC’s digital comics schedule as coming out every Thursday…

Wonder Woman '77 every Thursday?

…it’s now been three weeks since the last issue and Comixology has the next release down as a date ‘TBD’ (to be decided). Hmm.

Oh well, at least we’re still getting Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman every Thursday, despite the fact that it’s not on that schedule at all.

All the same, another quiet week for Diana with brand new appearances in just Injustice: Gods Among Year Three, in which Wonder Woman hits someone (who will it be this week?), and Sensation Comics, in which teenager Wonder Woman wins her dance-off and learns all about friendship in the outer world.

Of course, next week, with DC’s usual impeccable timing, we’ve got Justice League, Superman/Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman all at once in addition to the digital-only titles. I should probably enjoy the quiet while it lasts, shouldn’t I?

Sensation Comics #24

Sensation Comics #24
Unsurprisingly, Diana wins her dance off against a teenage boy.

Diana wins her dance-off

Diana wins

Afterwards, clad in the loser’s T-shirt, she goes out with her new friends to take in the delights of the outside world.

Wonder Woman with her new friends

Wonder Woman enjoys herself

Wonder Woman eats ice cream

However, the sore loser wants his T-shirt back and he’s brought a security guard to help him.

The sore loser wants his T-shirt back

Then Diana’s Amazon guards turn up to protect her.

Diana's entourage arrives

Time for Diana to leave.

Time for Diana to leave

Is it any good?
Yes and no. The artwork is superb, the story less so – but it’s heart is in the right place.

Writer James Tynion IV is essentially giving us another prequel in the neverending debate about why Diana really left Paradise Island, albeit not an especially serious one. These reasons have varied over the years between the love of a man, curiosity, wanderlust (wonderlust?), the need to stop an enemy, a mission to save the outer world and more.

Tynion doesn’t really add much here: Diana decides that there’s a lot to admire in the world but the Amazons can make it better.

Let's make the world better

What’s wrong with it? Well, apart from boys not liking being defeated in dance-offs, it’s not clear, other than there are dictators and the like, apparently.

As this is a comic clearly aimed at younger readers, a well thought through contrast between a matriarchal and patriarchal society is probably asking a bit much, but as with the fact revealed last issue that teenage Diana speaks English not Greek, a lot of this assumes that the fundamentals of both are the same, and that the ideals of small town US life in the consumerist, capitalist 2010s are sound and shared.

For example, as well as the fact that Diana learnt capoeira when she was seven – really? From whom? – the communist/constitutional monarchy utopia that is Paradise Island apparently needs some form of contract law.

Diana understands contract law

While Diana’s love of ice cream has been established many times before and once again becomes important here…

Diana loves ice cream

Diana still loves ice cream

…it’s part of the now-standard (cf Enchanted, Sex and the City 2) “all girls and women everywhere love consumerism” trope that encompasses dressing up et al. And when a boy calls part of her entourage ‘chubs’…


…which of these responses does this evoke?

  1. ‘“Chubs?” My English isn’t very good so I don’t know what that means.’
  2. ‘Yes, she isn’t as slim as I am. Why is this a problem? I do not understand your patriarchal attitudes to body size.’
  3. ‘Your insults mean nothing. They are just words. Let me teach you the Amazon meaning of peace’
  4. She attacks him.

It is, of course, option 4.

While Tynion’s heart is in the right place in trying to evoke the power of sisterhood, the importance of strong role models, etc, the net result of things like this and statements such as “They have all the wisdom and strength we do, and more!” only give an overall pattern of “Outside world better than Paradise Island, except for sexism, and Diana has a lot to learn from us.”

Overall, as with a lot of the recent Sensation Comics issues, what we have is a story that preaches to the converted and tries to provide something uplifting to younger readers without putting enough thought into the overall subtext. As a result, while it’s a fun and pretty strip, ultimately, it’s a lot emptier than it should be and also carries messages that perhaps it didn’t intend to.

Rating: 2/5 (3.5/5 if you’re young)

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year 3 #20

Injustice: Gods Among Year Three #20
Swamp Thing’s released Team Superman and trapped Team Batman, but they manage to get free.

Team Batman gets free

That means it’s clobbering time again. Whom will Wonder Woman fight this time? Catwoman, that’s who. At first, the superpowered Catwoman gets the advantage, this Wonder Woman’s sword apparently not having been made by Hephaestus.

Catwoman breaks Wonder Woman's sword

But not for long.

Wonder Woman knocks out Catwoman

Meanwhile, Huntress takes on Ares, but needs Batwoman’s help in the end.

Ares defeats Huntress

Ares gets knocked out

Meanwhile, things don’t look good for Batman.

Superman and Shazam knock out Batman

Is it any good?
It’s more hitting things, basically. Next week, other people will be escaping captivity and hitting things, I confidently predict.

That said, it’s quite fun and Catwoman’s point about Superman and Wonder Woman not having had to work for their success, unlike Batman and Green Arrow, is interesting and valid (and doesn’t really get answered by a shield in the face). But Ares being knocked out by a punch from Batwoman? I don’t think so.

Rating: 1.5/5

Disclaimer: Owing to the small fortune it would take to buy every single DC comic each week, this is not a guaranteed rundown of all the comics that feature Wonder Woman. If you know of any I’ve missed, email me or leave a comment below and I’ll cover them the following week