Weekly Wonder Woman: Batman #40, Justice League #38

Yes, it’s Weekly Wonder Woman – keeping you up to date on pretty much anything involving DC Comics’ premier superheroine, including her pet’s name

A quietish week for Diana in the real world. Gal Gadot is going to voice herself on The Simpsons, Liam Sharp has given an interview about his forthcoming Brave and the Bold team-up between Batman and Wonder Woman, and DC is launching a new line of young adult and middle grade titles that will include Wonder Woman in various guises. But that’s about it.

So let’s go straight for the reviews, where the sexual temptation of Bruce Wayne appears to be the theme of the week. In Batman #40, we see whether Diana and Bruce ever did end up kissing, despite the fact he’s marrying Catwoman soon. Meanwhile, Bruce takes a shine to another member of the Justice League in Justice League #38. What’s Diana doing? Playing with some African kids, of course.

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Comic reviews

Batman #40

Batman #40


Diana and Bruce continue to fight against the massed hordes, while Selina tries to persuade the Gentle Man to return to the battle since time’s getting on.

What does Diana do?

Mock Batman’s ‘look’.

Your pointy ears will fall off

Mock Superman’s catchphrase.

Up, up and away

Reminisce about her pet kangaroo.


Be nice to Catwoman.

Catwoman a hero

Definitely not cheat on Steve.

No cheating

Steve Good

Extra notes

As you’ve probably gathered, a moderately jaunty affair for a comic in which the heroes spend 37 years together doing nothing but fighting merciless hordes then eating them. That’s the kind of thing that leads to PTSD, I suspect, but I imagine will never ever be mentioned again and everyone will get over it quite quickly and act like their normal circa 30-year-old selves for the rest of the Rebirth Universe, rather than people with more than 60 years of experiences each.

Obviously the focus is on Batman and Catwoman, the latter of whom gets the bulk of the depth in the issue. But writer Tom King does a decent job of giving Diana things to do and say, including some more one-liners about Batman’s ears. And, although it seemed like the Kangas of Themyscira had been forgotten about in the Rebirth Universe, it turns out they’re still there. Somewhere.


You can probably argue with the false cliffhanger from last issue – would either Diana or Bruce have ever come that close to kissing, or would they have backed off far sooner? – but hey, ho, that’s the trouble with monthly stories, innit?

Rating: 6/7 (Artwork: 5/7)

Justice League #38

Justice League #38


The Fan has distributed the Justice League all over the world using the Watchtower’s transporters. Victor reunites them all but Bruce has stuff on his plate, so puts Victor in charge.

What does Diana do?

Play with some Nigerien kids. Because why not?

Diana in Niger

Suggests that running two Justice Leagues and not sleeping might not be good for Batman’s mental health.

Batman's mental

Realise she’s never had lunch with Batman. And that there’s no official name for ‘the Trinity’.

Batman lunch

Extra notes

Mainly a series of vignettes of each of the Justice League, coupled with attempts by the Flash to do some real scientific calculations with the Speed Force and discover that comic book science doesn’t work properly. But Diana does get to have some time to do her own thing, even if it is her usual thing of working with black African kids. Sure, 97% of superheroes in the DC universe are American and it’s nice that someone remembers the rest of the world exists and that Diana likes to help people rather than fight. But the trope of using black African kids as an obvious metaphor for charity work whenever they need to show what a nice person Diana is is getting a little old and slightly offensive. Could she not help a few adults in the favelas of Brazil, rescue some cats in Saudi Arabia, feed the homeless in Athens or liberate some Muscovite prostitutes for a change?

Also, why doesn’t she get to run the Justice League when Bruce leaves? Okay, she’s having doubts about the League’s compatibility with her mission, but Brucey baby, if you wanted to keep her on board, that would have been a top way of doing it.

Lastly, is random Leaguer Jessica really more appealing than Wonder Woman?

Jessica and Bruce

Of course, maybe it’s the Fan wearing a disguise. Let’s see next issue?

Rating: 5/7 (Artwork: 5/7)