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  • GYAD

    I'm chuffed that Cornwell is finally getting adapted again…although less so at them choosing his worst series.

  • Never read them. Any good in absolute terms?

  • GYAD

    All of Cornwell's novels rank in the best of recent historical fiction (although I think you'd find his female characters underpowered).

    The Saxon ones are readable but not that exciting. The protagonist is a less interesting version of the hero from his Arthurian series and he doesn't get Alfred the Great at all (too intellectual, too Christian for him).

    His Arthurian series, despite some slightly silly paganism and odd Roman-isms, are really very good though.

    None of his books are exactly Alfred Duggan worthy in quality but they're all rattling good yarns with great battle scenes.

  • Thanks. I got put off a bit by the Sharpe adaptations by ITV.