Doctor Who – 6×3 – The Curse of the Black Spot

In the UK: Saturday 7th May, 6.15pm, BBC1/BBC1 HD. Available on the iPlayer
In the US: Saturday 7th May, 9pm/8c, BBC America

Well, not feeling very inspired to write a full review. It was a bit rubbish to be honest, beyond the recurring motif of the woman behind the wall with the eyepatch. And that’s despite the fact that I love pretty much anything involving old ships and sailing.

So as requested, it’s an open thread – let us all know what you thought either in the comments, or through a link to your blog where you’ve gone the distance and reviewed it yourself.

  • Lesley

    [I bow to your (much greater) wisdom, Rob] It was a bit meh … loved the Siren FX but the storyline was kind of … loose and boring. Pirating for pirates sake … now next week’s ep, that’s got me excited. I thing CotBS is going to the be low point of this series.

  • Chloe

    Meh, it was okay but I preferred the opening two, I think I’m over pirates to be honest.

  • SK

    I hate pirates. Pirates just got some good PR.
    You know who is overdue their time in the sun again?
    Yeah, Vikings. Kids love violence with pointy hats.
    So how about it Moffat? Or Hollywood? Or anybody, really?
    I mean, when you think about it, what did pirates do? They sailed about, stole, raped, pillaged and burnt, and they did all that in the Caribbean. Vikings did the exact same things but in the North Sea. I ask you, who’s harder?
    So come one. Let’s see some Vikings on screen.
    Thor doesn’t count (but hopefully he might put the idea of proper Vikings in somebody’s head).
    This has been about Vikings because the actual episode was about as memorable as the Silence.

  • TemplarJ

    My daughter has been roaming her room since it aired pretending to be a mermaid medic, healing her toys. That has to be a good thing.

  • Abysmal in so many ways. What’s happened to the Doctor who looks young but behaves as if he’s 900 years old? Matt Smith’s lines made him sound more like a sarcastic teenager. More gravitas please.
    As for the pirates, it’s all very well saying that “One ship’s much like another”, but having them take over the controls of a highly advanced alien spaceship in such a matter of fact way was stretching the plot’s credulity to breaking point.
    And why was the Tardis so useless?
    Every series has its duds. I hope this was one of them, rather than a sign of things to come.

  • I think my inner ten-year old took over me: everyone seems so down on this episode but I sat transfixed (my partner thought this was hilarious though he said my expressions were “more enjoyable than the episode”).
    Sure: it was fluff and throw-away, but it was just enjoyable… or has a ten-year old just taken up residence in my head?
    (That would be worrying since two hours later she was watching the finale of Spiral…)

  • PS SK – if you are in the UK, you do know there is an Icelandic season on BBC4 at the mo, which includes Viking related stuff?

  • Marie

    For fuller review:
    By fuller review I kind of mean “list of boring things about it”.

  • SK

    I didn’t know that, but Noggin the Nog! Yay! Thank you!
    Still, what I really want is for everybody else to think that Vikings are cool too. Not just the four of use who watch BBC4.

  • stu-n

    I really hope it’ll prove the low point of the series, because it was rubbish. There was a nice SF idea in there with the colocated ships and the confused doctor programme (even though that was done better in The Empty Child two-parter) but the execution? Oh dear.
    Hugh Bonneville was fine, but he wasn’t playing the character the other pirates were describing, and I couldn’t help thinking he should have got a bit more comeuppance than some sharp words from the Doctor. The rest of the characters never got above cliché, and the boatswain, who was built up as such a threat, just vanished from the action. Sloppy.
    And, as Marie said, it was tedious, and if there’s one thing Doctor Who should never be, it’s tedious.
    Still, it was better than Evolution of the Daleks. And Fear Her. Which was written by the writer of the next two-parter. Please be more like the Life on Mars Matthew Graham, Matthew Graham.
    Now. Please be good, Neil Gaiman. Please be good.

  • MediumRob

    In case anyone hadn’t noticed, by the way, this episode was written by the bloke who wrote the second episode of ‘Sherlock’. You know, the really dull, borderline racist one full of inscrutable Chinese people.

  • stu-n

    Yeah. The Sherlock Chibnall.

  • “Yeah. The Sherlock Chibnall.”
    OUCH – that description has GOT to hurt!

  • “I didn’t know that, but Noggin the Nog! Yay! Thank you!Still, what I really want is for everybody else to think that Vikings are cool too. Not just the four of us who watch BBC4.”
    How many of us watch Spiral?….. oh, right…. Probably just four of us then….

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